Diamandis is described by many as “the best and most dynamic speaker in the industry.” He was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.”

Because Peter is actively involved in running 5 of his companies (XPRIZE, SU, PRI, HLI and PHD Ventures), his ability to travel is constrained. As such, he has created a DIGITAL KEYNOTE OFFERING designed to be an effective and impactful alternative.

Peter’s DIGITAL KEYNOTE is aimed to be: (1) Ultra-high quality; (2) Interactive; (3) Personalized.  The goal is to over-deliver on value to his customers.

Diamandis’ mission thru his keynote(s) is to help his audiences understand the pace and implications of exponential technology, and how to drive innovation within their organizations.






  • "Peter’s message was just as powerful when delivered over his digital satellite link to our 2,000+ audience.  In fact, it was more authentic to his exponential technology message."

    - Tony Robbins, Chairman, Robbins Research

  • "Peter's digital keynote presentation to our Senior Leadership was a great hit and stimulated an imaginative, energetic discussion through our entire day."

    - Dr. Mark Hewitt, VP of Corporate Strategy, Lockheed Martin

  • What's Included?

    Peter delivers a Four-Part plan to make his digital participation at your event even more powerful and impactful:

    PART-1: Personalized Video

    Part-1Peter will deliver a 5 minute promotional video describing his Keynote Topics (Abundance, Exponential Technology, Disruption, Moonshots etc.) that you can use on your event, corporate or association website (months in advance) to promote your event.

    PART-2: Live Digital Keynote

    Speaking VenuePeter will deliver a 45 - 60 minute Digital Keynote (plus Q&A) live from his Los Angeles studio.  The Keynote is LIVE, and the content personalized to your event theme and industry.  Peter’s keynote utilizes multiple screens.  Peter in the center, delivering his speech directly to your audience plus one or two screens to either side showing his his content/slides (see image above). 

    PART-3: Live Webinar

    Live WebinarIn order to punctuate his message and impact with your top attendees, Peter will hold an additional live 1-hour video webinar with your attendees via WebEx, Google Hangout (or equivalent).  During the course of this hour long session, Peter’s goal is to answer any question they might have resulting from his keynote address.  This session can be held 24 hours later, or a week or two after the event.  Your choice.

    Because Peter’s Keynotes are so rich with content, it can take some time for the lasting impact to settle in.  As such, having the webinar a week later is much more impactful. It gives your audience time to contemplate what they’ve learned and its implications. 

    PART-4: Video Products

    Video ProductsPeter will provide you with additional video products (up to 60 min of content) that you can put on your corporate website or intranet, available for your membership to view at a future date and time.


    Digital Keynote:              $40,000

    Broadcast/Bandwidth:   Fee may be extra depending on network chosen

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    Much more detail is available on each of these topics upon request by contacting Connie@xprize.org or calling: +1(310) 741-4961.