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Peter’s Abundance Espresso Shot #2: Peter’s Law #1

December 10, 2012

Peter’s Abundance Espresso Shot is a new video series with author, entrepreneur and innovation expert Peter Diamandis that features Peter’s insights on business. In this video, Peter describes Peter’s Law #1 and how it’s shaped his mindset. To ensure you never miss an episode, enter your name and email on the right.

  • Maria Vera Altschuler, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Peter Law is a beautiful thinking, but in need to be read until mind set will bend.
    The Peter Law could be designed, produced in Posters or Card Note and ‘exponentially’ sold. As meantime I will only send it to my grown up kids, in Holiday’s email note.
    Thank you for heading, and pushing every minute the world in Peter’s Law direction!
    Happy Holiday note!

  • Maria Vera Altschuler, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    I hope you will make the Peter Law Poster available to be distributed as Holiday present.
    The nice picture I saw in your presentation it appeals to a good imagination, and the words may need to be read everyday like in a mirror in front a computer.
    I’m sending now the Peter Law as email to my kids and friends, and thank you for this great, compassionate idea.

  • Jim Swann P.E., 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Your first law is truly the first law of survive.
    I like your poster
    As an engineer I spend too much time fixing things that should have never broken. The ability today to fix, improve and maintain systems is growing daily. 3-D printing alone provides an ability to quickly repair and upgrade mechanical systems like never before.

  • Marvin, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Dear Peter,
    Great Law! Too often in society, things that go wrong, people just let it go, or place a bandaid on it and don’t take the time to fix the problem.

  • Dunning Idle, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    My response to Murphy’s law is “Dunn’s Law”. It goes like this –

    Anything that can go right, will, at the most opportune moment.

    That has come through for me in some amazing ways.

  • José María Ortega Hernández, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Where could I achieve your Peter´s Laws poster?

    Good video! ;)


  • Evaristo Perez, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Hello Mr. Diamandis,

    Few years ago I had this discussion with my boss because I really felt proud of my capacity to foresee problems and try to fix them before they could possibly happen. On the contrary he was concerned about my job cause he thaught I was too much worried about negative possibilities. He taught I was too immersed on thinking arround issues. I feel I was actually using your first law and hell with murphy, but probably to some extent into having no risk at all and wasting too much time on possibilities. So my question is, how to kill murphy, think on possible problems but still keep yourself positive? Do you think this means you should have two rolls in two different persons to keep this balance?

  • S. Myers, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Your “Espresso Shots” are immensely encouraging. Thanks for posting them – please continue! – and for all the other ways you inspire excellence and endeavor.

  • Kristen Hviid, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    I love your positive attitude. I truly believe that we, to a great extent, shape our world by our outlook.

  • Amina, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    I share your views concerning being optimistic about the future and overlooking all the negativity that seems to be pulling us down.Personally, I refuse to be part of a pessimistic and frusrating world. I do choose to live in a world that incites me to unleash my unlimited power of creativity and innovation. We live in a world of abundance , it’s our choice. Thank you , Peter, for inspiring me.

  • Nicholas Allott, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    This is a very common mis-characterisation of Murphy’s law.

    If you beleive it came from Edward Murphy (the most commonly accepted belief, see wikipedia), then the law is a design philosophy that can be summarised as: “if its probable to mistakenly use a product in a way that won’t allow it to function, then people will do that quite often. Therefore, design your products in a way so this won’t happen. One example of this design philosophy is a key that fits in a key hole either way around.

    Therefore ironically, Murphy’s law is pretty much anagous to Peter’s. He is basically saying “if you think (or experience) that something will go wrong then fix it”

  • Raji Menon, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Hi, Peter,
    It was indeed a great pleasure and honor to hear you talk at the WVC.
    The problem with ‘Murphy’s Law’ is in how it is quoted. If there indeed was a ‘Murphy’, then I am sure he meant to say, “I anything can go wrong it will, UNLESS YOU PREVENT IT”! You see, it is all about how people look at it, and the same statement can be used by a sensible person, to be proactive, whereas a pessimist will use it, to wring his hands, and blame “Murphy.”

  • Marne Glaser, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Where does precaution about potential long-term effects (such as on health or on the environment) fit into your scheme? Things that are not seen at the outset and are often ignored by optimistic, full-steam-ahead entrepreneurs.

  • Rod Eller, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Love it! Was raised to look for solutions and have always looked at challenges with Plan A, B, C, D, …… Love Peter’s Law and will use it to lead others in the focus on solutions.

  • Patrick Brown, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Murphy was an optimist. You have chosen it to be a negative.

    Space missions were 4% successful training and the remainder was for challenges with solutions, not problems. Even the space shuttles proved it is not an exacting science, but look at the success more than the failures. Never forget the failures since learning from it is key to new success.

    If you say the glass is half empty or half full what are you referencing? The WATER only? The glass is full of molecules and look at the potential within that single glass! Maybe the engineer inside you should instead say the designer used too much material.

  • david traversa, 12/10/2012, 20:28pm

    Three o’clock in the morning and I already read your two first Abundance Espresso talks, here in the middle of the Córdoba Hills in Argentina.
    I find your attitude admirable, maybe because I tend to be the depressive type, but I’ll keep following you trying my best to pull up my boots to keep going.
    It’s so true your observation about negative news! (and in my country nowadays they couldn’t be worse with the government we are suffering).
    Well, thank you for such a positive attitude!!

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