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4 min read
How to Launch Your BOLD Idea (Super-credibility)

How you launch your next BOLD idea is just as important as the idea itself.

Today, I want to talk about something that...

9 min read
Becoming an Exponential Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago.

Today, each of us has access to more capital,...

9 min read
Future of Money (Part 1)

Every day, roughly 80% of all market trades are made by computers. 

Robo-advisors are increasingly making this process...

9 min read
Elon’s Mindset & Strategies

Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial success is a direct result of his mindset, strategies, and intelligence.  

Having known...

7 min read
Reproductive Longevity & Your Lifespan

Women’s reproductive longevity is perhaps the most important understudied field of medicine. And its link to our...

7 min read
A New Era of Social Robots

Can robots be socially and emotionally intelligent?

Embodied, Inc. is a company I’m super excited about to serve this...

7 min read
Dreamscape: 21st Century Education

How do we reinvent education, one of our oldest institutions? 

That’s the mission of Dreamscape Learn, a Los...

6 min read
The Science of Age Reversal

Why do we age… and do we have to?

Every year at Abundance360, I bring together some of the world’s foremost leaders on...

5 min read
Quantum Supremacy: What Now?

Imagine a computer that could crack the most sophisticated network in a mere few seconds. Perfectly model complex...

4 min read
Clean Water Abundance

Today, 2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water. 

And waterborne diseases claim 830,000 lives a...

4 min read
Change your mindset to change your life

What made Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk succeed? Was it their technology or their mindset? 

Personally, I think...

6 min read
Human Capital Abundance

We are about to massively increase the amount of human genius on planet Earth in two distinct ways.

First, by...

5 min read
Restoring biodiversity

The combination of climate change, deforestation, pollution, overfishing, and more have produced a biodiversity crisis.

5 min read
How long will you live?

How long you live is a function of many factors, including your mindset. You can will yourself to death... or will...

6 min read
Fundraising Over Zoom

Billions of dollars of investment were closed over Zoom this past year.

Historically, fundraising used to require...

5 min read
Materials Science: Unsung Hero

Few people recognize the vast implications of materials science.

To build today’s smartphone in the 1980s, it would...

6 min read
Capital Velocity… LOTS of $$$

Nothing accelerates technological innovation like cash. Lots of cash.

More bucks mean more Buck Rogers.

More cash...

4 min read
Bionauts – robots in your body

What if a microscopic robot could treat diseases from within your body?

That’s the vision of Bionaut Labs, an...