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2 Adventures Every Year

Explore the rise of artificial intelligence and automation in China, robotics and virtual reality gaming in Japan or cybersecurity and nanotechnology in Israel. You’ll make unforgettable memories, build a global network and unlock opportunities you never imagined possible.

Abundance Platinum
Abundance Platinum

15 Extraordinary People

Limited to an exclusive group of serious players worldwide, Abundance Platinum is about fostering lifelong friendships. Less than 1 in 20 who apply are admitted.

1:1 Access to Peter

Abundance Platinum provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from Peter Diamandis. He and his team are committed to providing an extraordinary experience on every Adventure Trip.

Abundance Platinum


I had an unprecedented opportunity to invest in emerging technologies in China. You guys over-delivered and undersold. I got tremendous value from Abundance Platinum.

-Paul Belair, CEO, 10X Coaching


The people that were on the trip were simply amazing. I build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime because of Abundance Platinum.

-Ryan Duffy, CEO, Blackstone Energy Services


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