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“Empowering a million entrepreneurs to generate extraordinary wealth while creating a world of abundance." - Peter Diamandis


What is the Strike Force Fellowship?

Over the course of the Fall 2018 Semester, the 29 Strike Force Fellows:

(1) Receive group mentorship;

(2) Gain access to curated educational resources on tomorrow’s most disruptive technological developments;

(3) join the Abundance Digital Community; 

(4) Compete for two summer 2019 Strike Force Internship positions with Dr. Diamandis’ Strike Force team.

Aiming to empower young entrepreneurs to leverage exponential technologies as they start building high-impact businesses, the Strike Force Fellowship is crafted around three essential questions:

  • How can you become a billionaire by helping a billion people?
  • What is your Massively Transformative Purpose?
  • What is your Moonshot and how will you get there?

At the end of the 2018 fall semester, two fellows will be selected to join my team for the summer of 2019 as Strike Force Interns.

Each Strike Force Fellow will emerge with a transformed framework for thinking about the future of industry and how to apply exponential technologies.

What is the Strike Force Internship Competition?

The 29 Strike Force Fellows have the opportunity to compete for one of 2 paid intern positions on my personal team in Los Angeles during the summer of 2019.

As part of the Strike Force Fellowship, Fellows are tasked with a few projects to help my team and I understand how they problem-solve, communicate, and execute. We will use the results to choose two Fellows who will best fit our team and plug into current ventures.

This Internship Competition built into the Strike Force Fellowship is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Fellows to simultaneously grow as an entrepreneur, showcase how you think about opportunities, and build demonstrated skills.

What is the Strike Force Internship

Strike Force is my personal team of next generation entrepreneurs.

As Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Strike Force Members work directly with me as business strategists and implementors, developing new initiatives and problem-solving across my seven ventures: XPRIZE FoundationSingularity University, the Abundance Group, Human Longevity Inc.Planetary ResourcesBold Capital Partners, and my newest company, Celularity.

As a Strike Force Intern, you will gain tremendous exposure to the tech sector and startup world, attending my investor meetings with experts and executives, learning firsthand about cutting-edge developments spanning biotech to AI, traveling with me to events with access to top founders and visionaries in my network, and gaining autonomy on numerous projects tailored to your interests.

Most importantly, the Strike Force Internship offers a mentorship experience unlike any other. By working directly with me and my team of young entrepreneurs, you will be able to pitch business ideas, get my curated feedback on content, learn how to network and sell a story, and experience the dynamism of entrepreneurship without the downside.

And if the Force is strong with you, you will have the chance to join my Strike Force team as a full-time Entrepreneur-in-Residence after a summer 'trial period,' rapidly iterating business ideas and driving forward new ventures under the backing of myself and my team.

Previous Strike Force members have gone on to launch successful companies, including Bold Capital Partners, a $250MM+ venture capital firm.



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