Location: Los Angeles, primarily Culver City

Preferred Start date: Monday, June 3rd

Preferred End date: Friday, August 23rd 

Summer 2019 Strike Force Internship

Strike Force is Peter Diamandis’ personal team of next-generation entrepreneurs. Previous Strike Force members have gone on to launch successful companies, including BOLD Capital Partners, a $250MM+ venture capital firm. READ MORE ABOUT PETER DIAMANDIS’ STRIKE FORCE TEAM ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM.

Over the course of this coming summer (2019), Peter Diamandis is hosting a team of student entrepreneurs, engineers, makers, and creators as part of a 12-week ‘rapid experimentation startup studio’. This small and agile team will incubate (research, experiment, validate, and prototype) several exponential technology-focused products and businesses that span industries from the ‘future of work,’ to social welfare problems, to health and longevity.

The Strike Force Intern team will:

  1. Research and define global-scale problems;
  2. Devise technology-leveraging solutions with an exponential mindset;
  3. Rapidly experiment with, iterate on, and prototype solutions using technologies, such as AR/VR/MR, machine learning, mobile applications, cloud computing, sensors & IoT, and 3D printing.

Through businesses travel, attendance of high-profile meetings, direct mentorship, and work involving ideation, experimentation, and prototyping, this hyper-unique internship position will include working closely with Peter and the core Strike Force team on a daily basis.

The Hacker & Rapid Developer Role

Desired Technical Experience

  • Demonstrated experience developing and deploying mobile apps (IOS, Android, Web)
  • Demonstrated experience with rapid prototyping software
    • *Hardware rapid prototyping experience is a plus
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality Development Experience
    • Demonstrated experience producing VR/AR experiences that are viewable on mobile devices and/or AR/VR/MR headsets
    • Working knowledge of AR/VR platforms and devices such as Apple AR Kit; Oculus; HTC Vive; Microsoft Mixed Reality Devices; Vuforia; etc.
  • Knowledge of digital image processing
  • Familiarity with machine learning and experience using computer vision tools
  • Ability to interact with APIs to connect disparate platforms
  • Working knowledge of front end development (HTML5/CSS/ES6 Javascript)

Required Interpersonal Attributes

  • Self-motivated, with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic and ever changing environment
  • Ability to learn new tools and technologies quickly
  • Desire to solve problems as efficiently as possible by leveraging existing technology, software libraries, and tools
  • Ability to work with a diverse range of superstar A-players across varying disciplines, in a fun and collaborative fashion
  • Unparalleled work ethic and 24/7 availability for the duration of the 2019 Summer Internship
  • Creative problem-solver, able to identify real obstacles and viable solutions
  • Committed to resourcefulness -- in times of uncertainty, creatively “making it work” and finding new ways to produce results
  • Outcome-oriented, not reactionary; able to articulate the desired outcomes and work collaboratively to create a path to achieve them.

Our Core Values

  1. “Yes and” Mindset for Team, Clients and Community: We know how to collaborate and maximize the present moment. “Yes” means accepting whatever information is given to you. “And” is how you respond to the idea and build onto it.
  2. Moonshot Thinking - No Quick Hits: Instead of a mere 10% gain, moonshot thinking aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. We strive to take exponential leaps, not incremental improvements.
  3. Courageous Persistence: The world’s most precious resource is the passionate and persistent human mind. We strive to embrace long-term thinking, grit and perseverance.
  4. Relentlessly Proactive & Resourceful: Our team members take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. “Every problem is solvable” is our mantra.
  5. Encourage, Inspire and Support Ambition and Big Thinking: Individuals on the team must be motivated by the collective team's success as well as their own. We’ve built an incentive structure that allows for that.
  6. Dedication to Excellence: Perfection is not optional. The enemy of great is good. We always strive for the best possible product, service or experience.
  7. Trust Each Other to Execute: In a decentralized team working remotely, this core value is extremely important. We trust our teammates are doing their best work with good intentions. We don’t jump to conclusions or judgements.
  8. Total Ownership & Dedication to Continuous Improvement: Every member of the team possesses a growth mindset: the belief that they can learn more or become smarter if they work hard and fail forward.
  9. Experiment, Listen to the Data, and Focus on the Customer: Experimentation is a crucial mechanism for driving our breakthroughs. We focus on empowering our teammates to rapidly experiment.