MY MTP: “To inspire and guide entrepreneurs to create a hopeful, compelling and abundant future for themselves and humanity." - Peter H. Diamandis, MD

About the Tech and Digital Experience Lead

My team and I are currently looking to hire an adaptively intelligent technology lead to develop and manage systems that support my Abundance360 community; our year-round Mastermind and Executive program for entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs. A360 is designed to keep leaders on the cutting edge of exponential tech and help them hone the mindsets critical during this period of rapidly accelerating change.

Our Tech and Digital Experience Lead will build and manage all internal and external software, systems, websites, and mobile apps.

Deadline to apply: Monday, July 25th, 2022


  1. HUBSPOT SYSTEM MANAGEMENT:  Work with the A360 Leadership team to elevate current membership & sales lifecycle journey - with associated payment processes, database automation, and member experience automation.
  2. MEMBER DATA: Database & software management & analysis.
  3. MEMBER HUB: Build and/or find a software solution to implement a member hub that improves the experience of all members.  Includes member directory and connection, calendar invites, and information sharing.
  4. INNOVATE/ELEVATE: Interview key stakeholders, explore pain points for internal team and community, and generate value-added, innovative solutions.
  5. WEB MANAGEMENT: Manage all websites across A360 &
  6. EVENT APP: Build & manage a white-labeled event mobile app for the annual A360 Summit.
  7. QUALITY CONTROL: Regular Q/A Testing across all systems and web platforms to ensure projects are completed to standard.
  8. FUTURE FORWARD: Keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments and make recommendations to the team. 

Experience & Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience with Hubspot (non-negotiable)
  • 5+ years of experience in systems architecture
  • Advanced knowledge of databases, CRMs, and automation software

Preferred Qualifications

  • General familiarity with Peter’s writing/work/companies
  • Experience with membership communities & events
  • Experience with high-ticket price, high-volume sales
  • Experience in graphic design & UX/UI experience
  • Experience in Web3, NFTs, & token-gated communities

About Peter Diamandis:

Peter H. Diamandis, MD is a serial entrepreneur (of 22 companies), NYTimes best-selling author of three books (AbundanceBOLD, and The Future is Faster Than You Think), and world-renowned keynote speaker. Fortune Magazine named Dr. Diamandis one of the 50 most influential leaders in the world.

Dr. Diamandis’s main areas of focus currently include companies, authorship and projects related to: human longevity & vitality, cellular medicine, vaccines, digital education platforms, venture capital, and global incentive competitions. Dr. Diamandis’s active roles include the following:

    • Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE
    • Executive Founder, Singularity University
    • Creator & CEO, Abundance360 / Abundance Digital
    • Co-Founder, Fountain Life, Inc.
    • Co-Founder, Human Longevity, Inc.
    • Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, Celularity, Inc.
    • Co-Founder & Partner, BOLD Capital Partners (venture fund)
    • Co-Founder, FutureLoop
    • Co-Founder/Vice-Chairman, COVAXX/Vaxxinity
    • Co-Founder & Co-Author (#1 NYTimes Bestseller), Lifeforce (in collaboration with Tony Robbins)
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Please submit your application for the Tech and Digital Experience Lead position below: (Deadline: Monday, July 18th, 2022)