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Your Abundance Digital colleagues will fuel your inspiration, ignite your passion, and spark new friendships and partnerships. Learn how the most successful Founders and CEOs leverage upcoming technology to continuously disrupt their industries.

No matter what stage you're at in your professional career, it is crucial to surround yourself with the most driven people who have similar goals. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with — surround yourself with people who think big and bold. 


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Engage in conversations with other Abundance Digital members (including Peter Diamandis) and keep your finger on the pulse of technology. Posts are sorted by topics like "AI", "Blockchain", "Space", etc, so you can easily find information about the industries that interest you most. 
The app also allows you to send direct, private messages to anyone in the community. 
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"State of the State" Updates
Every week, you'll see Peter's "State of the State" videos, where Peter films a video of himself discussing the latest technology news he is watching. These videos spark discussion within the community and are available only in the Abundance Digital app. 


Attend member-hosted live and online events to learn about exponential technologies and collaborate on your Moonshot(s) and MTP(s) 

Once a month, our team hosts "Zoom Breakout Sessions", where you are paired with 3-4 other Abundance digital members for a video chat. These sessions are the perfect place to share your business idea or MTP. You may even make new abundance-minded friends!

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"Abundance Digital is not only the best community I've found -- It's the only one that focuses discussions on the conquering the world's biggest challenges."

~Michael Bloxton, CEO Bloxton Investment Group