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From Abundance to BOLD:
Join My Next Adventure!

October 31, 2012

My New York Times bestselling book Abundance shows why humanity’s future is better than you think. My next book BOLD will teach you the tools available to create this future and how to implement your dreams.

As I’m writing BOLD, I’m interviewing CEOs, innovators and billionaires about their strategy for success. I’ll introduce you to the power and magic of incentive competitions, gamification, crowd funding, crowd-created content and on-demand workforce. I hope you’ll join this adventure by reading the blog and contributing feedback. If you do, I’ll credit you as a contributing author in BOLD. Sign up below and join me!

  • Ed Hightower, 10/31/2012, 17:51pm

    God speed Peter! Here’s hoping you can change our world with your BOLD ideas. Keep spreading your ideas and dreams and hope. Will do the same here. I believe you’ve created a loyal and influential following. It will grow rapidly as more folks begin to see and understand the power of exponential technologies.
    FYI, you may be contacted by NPR’s (National Public Radio) producers for “The Diane Rehm Show”, ‘Fresh Air” hosted by Ms. Terry Gross and “Think” hosted by Krys Boyd. I wrote each of them yesterday and suggested they check out your TED talk on Abundance, the X Prize, and Qualcomm Tricorder web sites and invite you to talk on one of their future radio shows. Hope they all reach out to you soon. All the best! Keep up the good work. /Ed

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