Dr. Diamandis offers an intensive half-day and full-day coaching sessions.


The audience for these coaching workshops have typically been Board of Directors and Executive Teams & Division Heads.


The focus of these workshops is to go beyond what is currently happening in our exponentially changing world and venture into the conversation: “So what does that mean for my company... Now what do we do next?”   

The modules below describe 10 areas where Diamandis provides a compelling, insightful and transformative educational/coaching workshop experience.

The program included advanced preparatory Conference Calls to fully understand the Company’s key areas of interest and focus.  It also includes a Corporate Diagnostic “Exponential Scorecard” (see below) taken prior to the workshop by the company executives.  This 8-part Scorecard takes only 5 minutes to take, but provides clear guidance on where he can provide the greatest benefits and coaching.

  • Module Topics

    The modules below describe 10 areas where Diamandis provides a compelling, insightful and transformative educational/coaching workshop experience.

    The program includes advanced preparatory conference calls to fully understand the company’s key areas of interest and focus. It also includes a Corporate Diagnostic “Exponential Scorecard” (see below) taken before the workshop by the company executives. This eight-part scorecard takes only 5 minutes to complete, but provides clear guidance on where Diamandis can provide the greatest benefits and most effective coaching.

    MODULE #1: Understanding Exponentials

    Module 1All of us are wired as local and linear thinkers, in a world that is now global and changing at exponential rates.  Understanding the dynamics of “exponentials” is fundamentally important to any company’s survival – this assures you are Instagram and not Kodak. The session begins by helping us get a real sense of exponential growth, the origins of Moore’s Law and how it is impacting technologies.  

    Module 1 covers: Cognitive Biases; Examples of Exponential Growth; Moore’s Law; Nested Exponentials; and the 6 D’s of Exponential Growth (Digitization, Deception, Disruption, Dematerialization, Demonetization and Democratization). 

    MODULE #2: Abundance Thinking/Evidence For Abundance

    Module 2We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by negative news from every angle. If you turn on CNN (what I call the Crisis News Network), you’ll predominantly hear about terrorism, airplane crashes, bombings, financial crisis and political scandal. There’s a reason for this: We humans evolutionarily pay 10x more attention to negative news than positive news because it was an evolutionary advantage to keep you alive.

    Today, we still pay more attention to negative news, and the news media knows this.  Your mindset matters A LOT. This module provides the data supporting the positive side of the equation and gives you insight to some fundamental truths about where humanity is really headed.

    This module also explains how technology is the force that transforms scarcity to abundance.  Any business based on a scarcity mindset will have difficulties in the years ahead and will ultimately fail.

    MODULE #3: Exponential/Accelerating Technologies* / Part-1

    Module 3A look at the status and near-term future of Computers, Networks, Sensors and Artificial Intelligence and how they may transform or disrupt your business.  

    The module provides participants with a baseline understanding of each field, what is in the lab today and what’s coming to market over the next two to five years. Diamandis provides exciting examples of how each technology impacts the other technologies and companies present in the room.

    MODULE #4: Exponential/Accelerating Technologies* / Part-2

    Module 4A look at the status and near-term future of Robotics, 3D Printing, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and Genomics/Longevity and how they may transform or disrupt your business.  

    The module provides participants with a baseline understanding of each field, what is in the lab today and what’s coming to market over the next two to five years. Diamandis provides exciting examples of how each technology impacts the other technologies and companies present in the room.  Note*: All Exponential Technology modules will be customized for the company’s industry.

    MODULE #5: Mindsets & Moonshots


    You and your team’s mindset largely determines your results.  

    This module examines the mindset and thinking required today to succeed during this exponential age. 

    Included in this module are the following elements:

    • Google’s 8 Innovation Principles: What they are, and how to use them
    • How GoogleX Operates & Wins
    • Identifying your Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) 
    • Moonshot Thinking / Defining Your Moonshot 
    • Billionaire Thinking at Scale: Case studies/concrete takeaways from Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & Richard Branson

    MODULE #6: Crowdsourcing Expertise, Solutions & Capital

    Module 6

    In a hyperconnected world of 3 billion, growing to 7 billion, learning how to use the crowd and community to drive innovation in your company is critical. 

    As Bill Joy, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at SUN once said, “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” 

    How do you tap into that cognitive surplus to help you build your products, services and drive innovation? On demand expertise is the key to agility in this rapidly changing world. Need a machine learning expert? A new logo? A website? A business plan? A Super Bowl TV commercial written and filmed? A massive surplus of talent (cognitive genius) is out there, ready to deliver a polished, finished product to you for micro-cents on the dollar. 

    Many large organizations have found successful new products or services running competitions with their members, outsourcing large parts of their businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With current technology, people are able to work from anywhere in the world at any time, and large corporations have the ability to tap into the global knowledge to improve.

    MODULE #7: Incentive Prizes

    Module 7How do you use incentive prizes to crowdsource new solutions and drive breakthroughs? In this module, Diamandis will teach you how to design and run incentive competitions that will get top innovators around the world to focus on solving YOUR key problem in a fixed time for a fixed amount of money. 

    This is the ultimate “pay for performance” scenario, offering massive leverage and innovative solutions to your biggest problems. 

    As Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE, and co-Founder of HeroX, Diamandis regularly counsels governments and leading CEOs on how to design, build and operate incentive prizes.  Diamandis will also provide insights in how to use the HeroX platform for the immediate design, launch and operation of your incentive prize concept.

    MODULE #8: Big Data & Data Mining

    Module 8The most successful companies today are data-driven. Now, more than ever before, companies can “mine” the abundance of data they have for the golden nuggets that lie within. This will allow unparalleled insights into customer behavior, the creation of predictive modeling frameworks, and the development of deep business optimization and growth strategies. 

    What if you could use a database of your very best clients to create an algorithm that tells you the best sales strategy to use, or the best predictor of sales? And what if you could then hand that algorithm over to a machine learning system to help you identify and reach millions of people just like your very best clients? We are entering the era of machine learning and data mining. 

    MODULE #9: Driving Innovation in Your Company

    Module 9

    In this module, Diamandis discusses and teaches eight specific mechanisms that drive innovation inside a company. This module looks out how to increase the exchange of ideas, the benefits of setting constraints, the benefits of youthful attitudes, diversity, small teams and open innovation. 

    Diamandis also presents the 5-5-5 mechanism designed at MIT for stimulating the creation of new, radical products and services. Finally, you’ll take a look at what motivates your team to innovate: Fear, curiosity, greed and/or significance.

    MODULE #10: Metatrends/Industry Impact


    In this module, in consultation with the Client, Diamandis will select a number of metatrends and key industries to provide an insightful look at how exponential technologies will have a disruptive impact in the next three to five years:

    Example metatrends include: 

    1. 3B new customers coming online 
    2. Dissolving borders: the impact of instant translation and cryptocurrency 
    3. Mobile is eating the world 
    4. Perfect knowledge: the trillion-sensor economy 
    5. Robots, AI and jobs  
    6. Clash of linear vs exponential systems 
    7. Extending the healthy human lifespan 

    Industry Impact Conversations: Here, Diamandis will discuss the near-term impact of exponential technologies on industries such as:

    1. Medicine/Healthcare
    2. Insurance 
    3. Finance 
    4. Transportation 
    5. Construction 
    6. Real Estate 
    7. Education 
    8. Aerospace


    Prior to the workshop, Diamandis will ask the company executives to take a corporate diagnostic using an eight-part “Exponential Scorecard” that will measure the company’s status and hopes in the following eight key areas:

    1. Abundance & Exponential Mindset: Your team’s mindset matters. Linear and scarcity-minded companies (Kodak) are being disrupted. Take 30 ‘linear steps’ and you end up 30 meters away. Take 30 exponential steps and you’ve orbited the planet 26-times.  Does your company know the difference?
    2. Moonshot Thinking:  How do you go 10X bigger rather than 10% bigger? This is how companies like Uber, Amazon, Google and Tesla are transforming industries.
    3. Massively Transformative Purpose:  What drives your company?  What is the unique, powerful purpose that attracts the best talent to your company and captures their imagination and commitment 24x7?
    4. 6 D’s Implementation: Anything that becomes digitized, enters a period of deceptive growth, then disruptive… Then it dematerializes, demonetizes and democratizes products, services and entire industries.  How do you spot these trends?  How do you apply them to your own products and services?
    5. Use of Exponential Technologies: The following exponential technologies are creating new business models and capabilities. Are you using them? Computation, sensors, networks, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, augmented/virtual reality and synthetic biology.
    6. Crowd, Community & Sharing Economy: In a world of 8 billion connected individuals, how you tap into the crowd and build a community is the difference between linear and exponential growth.
    7. Experimentation: The highest-performing tech companies achieve their success by continual experimentation, taking “human hunches” out of the equation and looking at the actual data.  Learning how to experiment and creating a culture of experimentation is critical.
    8. Data-Driven Decision Making: The most successful companies in the world… Google, Uber, Amazon… the companies that are *crushing it* are data driven organizations creating and running algorithms to drive their decision-making. In the future, you’re either data driven or your dead.

    Half-Day Session Option:

    Time Length: 4 hours

    # of Modules Taught: You get to choose 3 of the 10 modules listed above

    Full-Day Session Option:

    Time Length: 7 hours

    # of Modules Taught: You get to choose 6 of the 10 modules listed above

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