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Upgrade your mindeset.



21 min read
Metatrend #17: Birth of the Trillion-dollar Sustainability & Carbon Industry
How long until rising sea levels and methane emissions are remembered as quaint troubles from decades ago? How many...
16 min read
Metatrend #16: Globally-Abundant, Cheap Renewable Energy
We are on the cusp of an energy revolution. Continued advances in solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and fusion...
17 min read
Metatrend #15: Disrupting Healthcare. Dematerializing, Demonetizing & Democratizing Health
What if you could detect cancers, heart disease and diabetes before they’ve cost you a single dollar or a hospital...
15 min read
Metatrend #14: Increased Human Healthspan
How long do you think you’ll live? What if we could add an additional ten, twenty, thirty *healthy* years to your life?
9 min read
Metatrend #13: CRISPR & Gene Therapy Cures and Breakthroughs
How soon will your food be genetically engineered to match your DNA profile? Can gene editing enable the treatment...
13 min read
Metatrend #12: VR Reinventing Commerce & Collaboration
How we shop, interact, and work is about to transform. High resolution, low-weight VR headsets in combination with...
16 min read
Metatrend #11: Emergence of the Metaverse/Web3
The boundaries between our digital and physical worlds are blurring. How and where we learn, work,...
35 min read
Top 22 Breakthroughs of 2022 vs. 1922
What were the top 22 breakthroughs of 2022? And how do they compare to the top breakthroughs of 1922, 100 years ago? ...
13 min read
Metatrend #10: Connecting Your Brain to the Cloud (BCI)
Are you ready to connect your brain to the cloud? Technologist and futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that in the...
10 min read
Metatrend #9: Trillion-Sensor Economy: The Ability to Sense and Know Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Humanity is covering the planet in sensors... trillions and trillions of sensors forming what is known as the...
10 min read
Metatrend #8: Global Gigabit Connectivity—Connecting Everyone & Everything, Everywhere, All the Time.
We are blanketing the planet in digital connectivity at an accelerating rate. In the realm of ground-based cellular...
9 min read
Metatrend #7: On-Demand Delivery (& Production) Birthing an “On-Demand Economy”
How soon will your online orders be delivered directly to your home by drone? Or get 3D printed in your closet? Urban...
11 min read
Metatrend #6: Autonomous Cars & Flying Cars Will Redefine Human Travel (Faster & Cheaper)
How would your life improve if you never again had to drive to work, to the store, or to your friend’s home? How much...
11 min read
Metatrend #5: Humanoid Robots & Avatars Are Arriving
How will your life and human society change as humanoid robots and robot avatars come online in the decade ahead? ...
6 min read
My thoughts on AI
We are at a VERY unique moment, on the cusp of a revolution that will usher in a number of trillion-dollar...
8 min read
Metatrend #4: “JARVIS” is Coming... a Software Interface to Improve Our Lives
How much more would you get done if you had your own version of Iron Man’s JARVIS? As services like...
10 min read
Metatrend #3: AI-Human Collaboration Will Skyrocket Across All Professions
How will YOU collaborate with AI to improve your work and business? This third Metatrend (out of 20) is all about...
7 min read
Metatrend #2: AI Will Achieve Human-Level Intelligence
What will happen when artificial intelligence (AI) achieves human-level intelligence? And WHEN will this happen? ...