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media kit

Learn More About Partnering with Peter Diamandis

Working hard to make the world a better place. The future is bright.

Our Purpose: To Inspire and guide people to create a more hopeful, compelling, and abundant future for humanity.

Our Challenge: People don’t believe they can change the world.

Our Solution: Help people find products and services that will change their lives.

How We Work: We partner with companies changing people’s lives for the better.  Together we creatively engineer ways to partner and ensure the best messages and told by the right voices and heard by the right people.

Peter Diamandis reaches millions of people monthly with his Blog, Podcast, and Social Channels. If you'd like to learn more about how to partner with Peter, book a call with our media team using this link.


Also, here is an example sponsorship integration with Katalyst (you can ask about this package on the call with our team)