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MINDset Monday by Peter Diamandis - Mental fitness in less than 5 min every Monday. | Product Hunt


MINDset Mondays


Mental fitness in less than 5 min. A weekly note helping you develop your most powerful asset -- your mind.





A reflection designed to help you start your week with an intention.


A quote from a leader, creator, artist, author, activist, scientist, or entrepreneur on mindset.


A fact that proves we live in a world of increasing abundance.


A simple action you can take today to improve your mindset.

"Essential reading for anyone looking for a better tomorrow."
– Elon Musk
CEO, SpaceX, CEO, Tesla Motors, Cofounder, PayPal
"Peter Diamandis is one of the country's great entrepreneurs and thinkers."
– Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman & CEO of GE
"One of the World's Top 50 Greatest Leaders"
– Fortune Magazine

About me


My name is Peter Diamandis.

I'm an author, entrepreneur, investor, and data-driven optimist.

I'm the founder of XPRIZE (a platform that creates incentive programs to accelerate positive change), Singularity University (education programs that help leaders leverage technology to create a positive impact), and a few dozen other companies.

In all of my work with thousands of leaders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Sergey Brin I've found that the core thing separating these leaders is their mindsets.

You don't need money or permission to develop your mindset and yet it is the most powerful asset any human can own.

We often chase shiny things and neglect the continuous development of our own mind. It's quite silly.

So I've created a weekly newsletter you can digest in 5 min to help you develop your mindset.

Past Mindset Monday Issues