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NBJ Summit

It was a pleasure spending time with you!

I have 2 things for you: 

  1. A copy of my slides
  2. A playlist of the best talks at the Summit I host every year, Abundance360.

I hope you got something out of my presentation. And if you'd like to stay in touch, Twitter is the best place.


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If you are interested in having me at one of your events you can reach out to Connie

Email: connie@xprize.org

Phone: 310-200-5342


"Peter Diamandis is one of the country's great entrepreneurs and thinkers. Peter is one of the most popular speakers at the TED conference and one of the most provocative thinkers of our time.”
Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman & CEO of GE
"Peter's keynote blew me away. I've been presenting for years and do it for a living, and Peter is at the top of the game. His personality shines through and is extremely authentic. He is a pretty amazing dude!"
Carlos Dominguez
Sr. Vice President, Cisco
"Peter Diamandis absolutely delivered our key messaging with a powerful and passionate presentation. He truly is an inspiration and very dynamic. During the two days of the summit following his opening keynote, many of our internal speakers reflected on his words. He has such great passion."
Johnson & Johnson
"Diamandis is one of the most passionate and dynamic speakers today. If you want to energize your senior management team and give them an understanding of the future, bring Diamandis in as your keynote speaker."
Gavin Newsom
Governor, California
“Peter's presentation is world-class. One of the best I’ve had the pleasure to watch. His passion and vision is infectious. Diamandis offers a critical perspective that everyone needs to hear. If you’re looking for someone to help you chart your future, Peter is the perfect choice."
Sir Ken Robinson
Author, Speaker, and International Leader
Bill Chapman
"Dr. Peter Diamandis blew our entire audience away, becoming our highest-rated speaker of the last ten years -- no easy feat considering our previous speakers included President Barack Obama, Ron Howard, Steve Forbes, Tony Blair and President Bill Clinton. Diamandis presented an informed vision of the future that is both exciting and thought-provoking."
Bill Chapman
Executive Director & Producer