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Peter Diamandis Podcast

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Peter Diamandis is described by many as “the best and most dynamic speaker in the industry.” He was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.”


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"Peter’s message was just as powerful when delivered over his digital satellite link to our 2,000+ audience. In fact, it was more authentic to his exponential technology message."
Tony Robbins
Chairman, Robbins Research
"Peter's digital keynote presentation to our Senior Leadership was a great hit and stimulated an imaginative, energetic discussion through our entire day."
Dr. Mark Hewitt
VP of Corporate Strategy, Lockheed Martin
"Peter’s digital keynote to my 2,000 top executives was extremely effective. His message, delivery and ability to hold the attention of the entire audience was fantastic as demonstrated by the standing ovation he received. I can wholeheartedly recommend this option to any CEO who wants to bring Peter into their event."
Todd Wanek
CEO, Ashley Furniture
"Dr. Diamandis’ message on exponential, moonshots and abundance comes in loud and clear through his digital keynotes. We utilize the technology for him to address CEOs and heads of State around the world."
Rob Nail
CEO, Singularity University

Change Your Mindset

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