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EP #20 Ask Peter Anything Part 2: How to be a Great Entrepreneur, Leader, and Father


In this special episode, Peter hosts a 1 on 1 session with 5 entrepreneurs, leaders, and aspiring business owners from across the globe. Peter and his guests get deep into startup fundraising, work-life balance, how to start a successful business, and more.

You will learn about:

  • 05:24 | How do you know when to pivot & try something new?
  • 16:01 | How do you prepare yourself for fundraising your project?
  • 34:05 | How do you build your start-up from the ground up?
  • 57:40 | How do you build your passion alongside your family?

The guests during this 1 on 1 “Ask Me Anything” session include Julian Alvarez, CEO & Co-Founder of MindFlow; Diana Bald, Senior Advisor, VUE Health and Founder of Activist360; Naisukhy Laurent, student and Founder of Lixur; David Thiel, Founder, Global Operator, Startup Advisor & Consultant, and Yahli Admati Founder and CEO of Admati Strategy.


Julian Alvarez: MindFlow

Diana Bald: LinkedIn

Naisukhy Laurent: Lixur

David Thiel: LinkedIn

Yahli Admati: LinkedIn

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