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EP #25 How to Build a Moonshot w/ Astro Teller


In this episode, recorded during the 2022 Abundance360 summit, Astro Teller presents the wireframe for building and executing Moonshots and the power of turning crazy ideas into breakthroughs.

You will learn about:

  • 09:57 | What’s a Moonshot?
  • 13:32 | How to build a Moonshot Culture
  • 15:53 | We can’t all be right
  • 22:47 | The “monkey first” strategy

Dr. Astro Teller's expertise lies in intelligent technology as the CEO of Alphabet's X, The Moonshot Factory. X is a company dedicated to bringing extraordinary, audacious ideas to reality through science and technology. He was previously the founding CEO of Cerebellum Capital.


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