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EP #53 How AI Is Helping Solve Extinction w/ Ben Lamm


In this episode, Peter and Ben discuss the possibility of bringing extinct species back to life through Ben’s startup, Colossal.


  • 02:05 | De Extinction: Unveiling Our Future
  • 21:10 | Gene-Swapping for Species Survival
  • 59:32 | The Return of Extinct Species

Ben Lamm is a renowned entrepreneur and visionary in technology and AI. With successful startups like Chaotic Moon Studios and Conversable, he has made significant contributions to the industry. As the founder of Hypergiant Industries and Colossal, a venture capital-backed startup focused on genetic engineering and reproductive technology in support of George Church's de-extinction efforts, Lamm continues to push the boundaries of innovation, focusing on AI solutions and genetic engineering.

Learn about Colossal.


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