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EP #105 What Separates Billion-Dollar Companies From Failed Startups w/ Bill Gross


In this episode, Peter and Bill discuss a secret company they launched 24 years ago and failed, and what it takes to build a Moonshot company.


  • 02:48 | The Secret Moonshot of 1999
  • 20:45 | The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship
  • 48:12 | Exposing the Business Idea Myth

Bill Gross founded Idealab in March 1996. Bill is a lifelong entrepreneur, starting his first solar business in high school. He is best known as the Founder, past CEO, and now Chairman of Idealab. This technology incubator has launched numerous successful startups, creating over 150 companies with over 45 IPOS and acquisitions ($9 billion market value). These companies span across various industries, including e-commerce, clean energy, and internet services (e.g., Heliogen, Lumin, Papaya). Gross is recognized for his innovative approach to business and has played a significant role in shaping the startup ecosystem.

Learn more about Idealab here: https://idealab.com/


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