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EP #57 The Rise of Humanoid Robotics w/ Brett Adcock


In this episode, Peter and Brett discuss the future of humanoid robots, predicting that there could be up to 10 billion humanoids on Earth in the coming decades. Adcock shares his vision for creating autonomous general-purpose humanoids that can be inserted into the economy to perform physical labor, making it a choice rather than a necessity.


  • 07:32 | Humanoid Robots: Near Future
  • 19:10 | A New Humanoid Robot Age
  • 58:09 | Unlocking Humanoid Robot Potential

Brett Adcock is an American technology entrepreneur and the founder of Figure, an AI robotics company building a general-purpose humanoid robot. Previously, Brett founded Archer Aviation, an urban air mobility company that IPO’d at $2.7B. He also founded Vettery, a machine learning-based talent marketplace that was acquired for $110M.

Check out Figure.


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