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EP #40 No More Waiting on Heart Transplants? w/ Dr. Doris Taylor


In this episode, filmed during this year’s Abundance360 summit, Dr. Doris Taylor and Peter discuss her cure for the #1 disease on the planet, heart disease. No more waiting lists, no big costs; how hard can it be to build a personalized heart for you?

You will learn about:

  • 05:26 | Doris' Commitment To Get Rid Of The Waiting List.
  • 10:23 | We Should Build A Heart. How Hard Could It Be?
  • 22:55 | The Lack Of Stem Cells Is The Cause Of Heart Disease & Aging.

Doris A. Taylor, PhD is an innovator, scientist, and entrepreneur in regenerative medicine. She is the founder of multiple companies, including Organamet Bio, which aims to bioengineer personalized replacement hearts on demand. Her unique cell removal (decellularization) method was recognized as one of the Top 10 Research Advances by the American Heart Association.

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