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EP #102 Forget Everything You Believed About Computing w/ Gill Verdon


In this episode, Peter and Gill discuss Extropic, the science behind his startup, and his vision for the future.


  • 03:16 | The Power of Brain-Scale Processors
  • 18:56 | The Debate Over Accelerationist Movement
  • 28:46 | AI and the Kardashev Scale

Gill Verdon, whose full name is Guillaume Verdon, is the founder of Extropic, a stealth AI startup, and a former quantum computing engineer at Google known for his work in artificial intelligence and quantum computing. He is a physicist, applied mathematician, and researcher in quantum machine learning, who has raised $14.1M for his startup, which enhances LLMs through thermodynamic computing. Verdon is also known for his online persona @BasedBeffJezos and his creation of effective accelerationism (e/acc), advocating for rapid technological progress as an ethically preferred path for human progress, emphasizing optimism and proactive efforts to shape a better future.​

Learn more about Extropic: https://www.extropic.ai/

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