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EP #86 Optimize Your Blood Sugar To Improve Health & Live Longer - W/ Glucose Goddess (Jessie Inchauspé)


In this episode, Peter and Jessie the cause behind blood sugar spikes, the best way to eat, and how to keep you healthy with vitamins.


  • 10:46 | Fighting Sugar Addiction Effectively
  • 36:59 | Veggies First, Carbs Last: A Balanced Plate
  • 57:11 | The Brain-Food Connection: Instant Impact

Jessie Inchauspé, also known as the Glucose Goddess, is a French biochemist, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of the Glucose Goddess movement. She has dedicated her career to making cutting-edge science accessible, helping millions of people improve their health. Jessie holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from King's College London and a master's degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University. She started her career at the genetics start-up 23andMe as a product lead.

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Read her book, Glucose Revolution: https://www.amazon.com/Glucose-Revolution-Life-Changing-Power-Balancing/dp/1982179414

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/glucosegoddess/


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