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EP #58 Slaughter-Free Meat, Coming Soon To Your Dinner Tables w/ Josh Tetrick


In this episode, Peter and Josh, CEO of GOOD Meat, delve into the revolutionary concept of producing meat without slaughtering a single animal. The conversation explores the journey of GOOD Meat, from its inception in a studio apartment to its current expansive headquarters in Alameda, California. Tetrick's vision is to transform the global food system, reducing harm to animals and the environment while providing consumers with a sustainable and ethical alternative to conventionally produced meat.


  • 14:24 | The Story of Josh and Chicken
  • 24:44 | Meat From an Antibiotic-Fed World
  • 1:07:50 | The Future of Meat: Cultivated

Josh Tetrick is the CEO of Eat Just a company that specializes in no-kill meat. Eat Just was founded in 2011 by Josh Tetrick and Josh Balk. The company’s goal is to replace chicken dinners with cultivated fillets in the near future. Eat Just recently netted $370m in investments, including wealth funds backed by Qatar and the estate of Microsoft co-founder Paul G Allen

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