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EP #50 Oculus Founder On Apple Vision Pro w/ Palmer Luckey


In this episode, Peter and Palmer discuss Apple’s Vision Pro, How it will change the future of VR headsets, and Facebook’s response to Apple.

You will learn about

  • 08:32 | The Power of Virtual Reality
  • 32:44 | Innovative User Interfacing
  • 35:26 | Is Facebook's Push On VR Premature?

Palmer Luckey is a visionary entrepreneur and inventor known for his groundbreaking contributions to the virtual reality industry. As the founder of Oculus VR, Luckey revolutionized the way we experience immersive digital worlds with the development of the Oculus Rift, a pioneering virtual reality headset. With a passion for pushing technological boundaries, Luckey's innovative spirit continues to shape the future of virtual reality and its applications across various industries.

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