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EP #44 10x Your Business: Why Transitioning From Linear to Exponential is Crucial w/ Salim Ismail


In this episode, Peter and Salim take a deep dive into Exponential Organizations, what they are, and why Exponential growth is critical for any business.

You will learn about:

  • 00:54 | If You're Not Building Fast, You're Never Going To Make it
  • 16:20 | Technology Simply Isn't Slowing Down, So Start Keeping Up.
  • 26:26 | Chat GTP Will Be A Thing Of The Past Soon Enough

Salim Ismail is a sought-after strategist and a renowned technology entrepreneur who built and sold his company to Google. He’s been featured in the most prominent publications such as NYT, Forbes, Fortune, and Bloomberg and has led lectures at the world’s greatest companies and about the future of Tech. Currently, he’s the founder and chairman of ExO Works and OpenExO.

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