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Steve Aoki’s AMA: A DJ’s Crazy Schedule, Cryonics to Live Forever, and the Making of Pursuit of Happiness


In this “Ask Me Anything” session, Steve answers questions about his passion for performing, the morality of humans, how evolution will make us androids, and more.

You will learn about:

  • 00:41 | Steve Aoki answers life’s big questions
  • 10:47 | The next evolutionary step: we become androids
  • 18:14 | Steve's insurance policy: he's going to be frozen.
  • 34:24 | How do you bring balance to your life
  • 46:04 | What questions keep Steve Aoki up at night?

Steve Aoki is a world-renowned artist, DJ, producer, and futurist. He is a grammy-nominated label executive known for his high-impact, experiential performances, NFT collections, and love for technology.


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