Dr. Diamandis offers an intensive half-day and full-day coaching sessions.


The audience for these coaching workshops have typically been Board of Directors and Executive Teams & Division Heads.


The focus of these workshops is to go beyond what is currently happening in our exponentially changing world and venture into the conversation: “So what does that mean for my company... Now what do we do next?”   

The modules below describe 10 areas where Diamandis provides a compelling, insightful and transformative educational/coaching workshop experience.

The program included advanced preparatory Conference Calls to fully understand the Company’s key areas of interest and focus.  It also includes a Corporate Diagnostic “Exponential Scorecard” (see below) taken prior to the workshop by the company executives.  This 8-part Scorecard takes only 5 minutes to take, but provides clear guidance on where he can provide the greatest benefits and coaching.