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From Abundance to BOLD:
Join My Next Adventure!

My New York Times bestselling book Abundance shows why humanity’s future is better than you think. My next book BOLD will teach you the tools available to create this future and how to implement your dreams.

As I’m writing BOLD, I’m interviewing CEOs, innovators and billionaires about their strategy for success. I’ll introduce you to the power and magic of incentive competitions, gamification, crowd funding, crowd-created content and on-demand workforce. I hope you’ll join this adventure by reading the blog and contributing feedback. If you do, I’ll credit you as a contributing author in BOLD. Sign up below and join me!


  • Selected 2014 Engagements


    GE, Featured Keynote, Boca Raton, FL
    Sandisk, Featured Keynote, Milipitas, CA
    YPO LA Edge, Featured Keynote, Los Angeles, CA
    Richard Rossi, Featured Keynote, New York, NY
    YPO Malibu, Featured Keynote, Malibu, CA
    Microsoft, Featured Keynote, San Francisco, CA
    VF IPC Association Connect Electronic Industries, Featured Keynote, Las Vegas, NV
    Penn State, Featured Keynote, Pennsylvania
    Bon Mot Book Club, Featured Keynote, Vancouver/Calgary
    MSCI, Featured Keynote, Scottsdale, AZ
    C2MTL, Featured Speaker, Montreal, Canada
    HSM, Featured Keynote, New York, NY
    Academy of N&D, Featured Keynote, Atlanta, GA
    HSM, Featured Keynote, Mexico City, Mexico
    AEM, Featured Keynote, Napa, CA
    Business Leaders, Featured Keynote, MI