The Future of Technological (Un)Employment

Headline after headline tells us technological unemployment is on its way.

The Future of Advertising

Today, less than two decades after the arrival of the internet, Google and Facebook together command more advertising dollars than all print media on the planet.

7 Business Models of the Next Decade

Some of the most potent innovation taking place today does not involve breakthrough technologies…. but rather the creation of fundamentally new business models.

Future of Money - AI Investors, Death of Cash & the Crowd…

Every day, roughly 60% of all market trades are made by computer.

20 Metatrends for the Roaring 20s

In the decade ahead, waves of exponential technological advancements are stacking atop one another, eclipsing decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact.

Who Not How: Software Edition

In 2020, how do you 10X your business? How do you go from a linear ‘old-school’ company to an ‘Exponential Organization’? Today, there is a clear strategy…

The Future of Money - Part 2

Over three quarters of Americans used a mobile device the last time they checked their bank account balance, and mobile banking is skyrocketing across the globe.

The Future of Money - Part 1

The way we store our money today makes zero sense.

Entrepreneurs-in-the-Making: Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

As an entrepreneur, there’s a lot on the line.

revolutionizing drug discovery and delivery

If you had to guess how long it takes for a drug to go from an idea to your pharmacy, what would you guess? 3 years? 5 years? How about the cost? $30 million? $100 million?

The CRISPR Revolution & Hyper-Personalized Medicine

Two revolutionary tools are overhauling healthcare as we know it today: genome sequencing and CRISPR engineering.

3D Printing & the Future of Retail

Forget costly prototypes, traditional textile manufacturing, product recalls, and the like…. 3D printing is about to turn the entire retail industry on its head.

Rise of the Retail Robots & Last-Mile Delivery

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! On our sidewalks, in our skies, in our every store… Over the next decade, robots will enter the mainstream of retail.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Entrepreneurs will create more wealth in the next decade, than we have in the entire past century. We’ll also experience the reinvention of every industry. Understanding how to navigate accelerating technological change is essential for every leader.

Smart Stores & the 2030 Marketplace

How do you buy your stuff? Do you get in your car, or type with your fingers?

AI & Shopping - A New Retail Era

AI and broadband are eating retail for breakfast. In the first half of 2019, we’ve seen 19 retailer bankruptcies. And the retail apocalypse is only accelerating.

Pursuing Moonshots: Martine Rothblatt’s Story

You just learned your daughter’s disease gives her less than 5 years to live. How do you react? Would you strive to make her last years the most fulfilling? Or would you search every medical journal, contact every scientist, and find her a cure?

transforming sick care into healthcare - part 1

The U.S. healthcare industry is in for a major disruption in the decade ahead.

Hyperloop, Rocket Travel, and Avatars

What’s faster than autonomous vehicles and flying cars? 

Revolutionizing Disaster Relief: A Tale of Convergence

Between 2005 and 2014, natural disasters have claimed the lives of over 700,000 people and resulted in total damage of more than US$1.4 trillion.

Marketing in the information age

It seems like everywhere you turn in the business world, you see the word “automation”. While it’s clear that automating your workflow can increase your team’s productivity, I’ve found that many companies haven’t fully embraced the marketing tools available to them. This is a shame, because I believe that the implementation of proper marketing tools is critical to the long-term survival of any[…]

Who, Not How

When most entrepreneurs (including me) face a challenge, our first reaction is to ask: “how do I solve this problem.”

Exponential China - Something You Can't Ignore

The rise of China as an epicenter of rapid-fire innovation and technological disruption is more important than ever before in transforming each and every one of our businesses.

Revolutionizing Disaster Relief: A Tale of Convergence

Between 2005 and 2014, natural disasters have claimed the lives of over 700,000 people and resulted in total damage of more than US$1.4 trillion.

3D Printing - 5 Anticipated Breakthroughs to Watch

Convergence is accelerating disruption… Everywhere!

Future of Higher Education: Apprenticeships vs. Business School

Should you go to graduate school?

100 Years Ago....

We forget how fast the world is changing today.

A 5-Year Moonshot Planner

Doing anything big and bold in the world is hard.

Moonshots, Grit & Virgin Galactic’s Spaceflight

Moonshots are hard.

Webinar: Becoming a Billion-Scale Startup | Dec 10, 2018 1:00pm PST

Converging technologies and rapid advancements in computing power are multiplying the deployment rates of new products and services, from healthcare and agriculture to manufacturing and transportation.

The Power of Community

Life is who you go through life with.

The Future of Insurance

We profit from it, we fear it, and we find it impossibly hard to quantify… risk.

AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee

Recently, I picked up Kai-Fu Lee’s newest book, AI Superpowers. Kai-Fu Lee is one of the most plugged-in AI investors on the planet, heading management of over $2 billion AUM between six funds, and over 300 portfolio companies in the U.S. and China.  Drawing from his pioneering work in AI, executive leadership at Microsoft, Apple and Google (where he served as founding president of Google China),[…]

Shenzhen: Hardware Capital of the World

Less than 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a fishing village of 30,000 people.

China Spotlight: Next AI Superpower?

Last year, China’s government put out its plan to lead the world in AI by 2030.

$10 million ANA Avatar XPRIZE announced at SXSW

At the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas on Monday, Diamandis and his organization announced a new $10 million competition to develop “real-life avatars” to enable humans “to remotely see, hear, and interact with physical environments and other people.”

Future of Retail

Exponential technologies (AI, VR, 3D printing, and networks) are radically reshaping traditional retail.

Deconstructing Elon Musk

I did an interview recently where I was asked to deconstruct Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial success.

AI, Quantum & Entrepreneurship in China

Last week, Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet, predicted that China will “rapidly overtake the U.S. in artificial intelligence… in as little as five years."

Habits of Extraordinary People

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Change your habits, change your life.” But which habits matter most?

Big Company Turn-Around (Disney)

Countless corporate giants have crashed and burned... Sears Roebuck & Co., U.S. Steel, Eastman Kodak and Pan Am, to name a few.

China – Deceptive to Disruptive

I’m just back from an amazing week in China, meeting with the top VCs, CEOs and entrepreneurs. I was joined by a dozen of my A360 members.

Discovering Your Massively Transformative Purpose

A single individual driven by a purpose can change the world. I often get asked for a single piece of advice to make an entrepreneur succeed. While there is no surefire route to success, I believe a necessary component of success for every entrepreneur is having a Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP). A purpose that drives you to wake up in the morning. Something you repeat in your head while[…]

Anticipating The Impossible

When the founders of Siri first envisioned their rudimentary A.I., years before they sold it to Apple, they faced a critical challenge.

Exponential Roadmaps

The 6 D’s are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.

3-Minute Entrepreneurship Course

The following short story is one of the great lessons for entrepreneurial success. It is a timeless story that remains relevant for bold entrepreneurs pursuing their moonshots.

Fire Your Experts!

Want to do something new and disruptive? Want to change the status quo? Here’s some advice -- be careful before consulting “experts”…

Advice For Entrepreneurs

I’m often asked: “What advice do you wish someone gave you when you were just starting out?” I have two pieces of advice to offer entrepreneurs who are just getting going.

Are You An Exponential Entrepreneur?

Head here for my full archive of tech insights Being an entrepreneur today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago.

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