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Peter is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, technologist, New York Times Bestselling Author, and the founder of over 25 companies.
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Peter is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, technologist, New York Times Bestselling Author, and the founder of over 25 companies. Fortune magazine has named Peter ‘one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’. He is the Founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation which has launched over $400 million of incentive competitions, driving more than $4 billion in R&D (most recently launching the $100 million Gigaton Carbon XPRIZE funded by Elon Musk to combat climate change). Peter’s venture fund, BOLD Capital Partners is deploying $600M+ into exponential technologies and health-biotech. Diamandis has written six books including four New York Times bestsellers, and his life’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create a hopeful, compelling and abundant future for humanity. Diamandis received his B.S. and M.S. from MIT and his MD from Harvard Medical School.

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Recovering 216 Hours Per Year: Tesla & Waymo

Autonomous, electric, ride-sharing “car-as-a-service” (using robotaxis) has the potential to be 80% cheaper than individual car ownership.
3 min read

The Birth of Robotaxis (Car-as-a-Service)

How would your life improve if you never had to drive again? If traveling across town to work or your friend’s home was cheap and fully autonomous, enabled by a robotic chauffeur?
5 min read

AI for the People: The Urgent Case for Open and Decentralized Systems

Is a benign digital superintelligence possible? What can we do to ensure a positive outcome as we continue towards developing AIs that are as smart and eventually much smarter than us?
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Decentralized/Democratized AI vs. Closed AI: Emad’s Wisdom (Part-1)

Famed Stability AI CEO, Emad Mostaque, stepped down as CEO the day after speaking at the 2024 Abundance Summit.
3 min read

The Great AI Debate

The following are my opening remarks from the 2024 Abundance Summit, which took place last week and focused on the topic of the “The Great AI Debate.”
4 min read

Navigating a Day in 2030: The Power of AI Assistants

What does an AI-powered “automagical” life look like?
3 min read

Embracing Crazy: How Bold Ideas Fuel Progress

If there’s one truth I’ve lived by, it’s this: Entrepreneurs, armed with purpose-driven, crazy ideas change the world every day.
3 min read

Ameca's Humanlike Expressions are Redefining Robot-Human Interaction

Ameca is one of the world’s most advanced humanoid, and human-like, robots.
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MIT’s Favorite Humanoid Robot

The total number of amazing humanoid robots under development is breathtaking.