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EP #76 How to Eat to Live Longer in 2024 w/ Dr. Helen Messier

Aging is one of the greatest challenges to human health

That’s why XPRIZE is launching XPRIZE Healthspan, a global competition that will award  $101 million to revolutionize the way we approach aging XPRIZE Healthspan will create a  paradigm shift where we e can improve human health before biological aging triggers the onset of chronic diseases and disabilities.

According to XPRIZE, this is the Healthspan Revolution. Learn more about the prize https://www.xprize.org/prizes/healthspan


In this episode, Peter and Helen discuss the importance of the food you eat and the role of diet in extending your healthy lifespan, allowing you to live longer.

  • 12:19 | Reversing the Signs of Aging
  • 27:56 | The Health Span Revolution

Dr. Helen Messier is the Chief Medical and Science Officer of Fountain Life. She received her BS in genetics and her PhD in molecular immunology from the University of Alberta.

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