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EP #68 The Technology Bigger than AI w/ Jack Hidary


In this episode, recorded this year at Peter’s Executive Summit, Abundance360, Peter and Jack discuss exponential technologies of the future, such as Quantum technologies, entrepreneurship, and the transformative potential of innovative mindsets.


  • 13:57 | Quantum Technology Now Accessible
  • 1:12:38 | Molecular Medicines, Faster?
  • 1:17:46 | The Software Quantum Revolution

Jack Hidary is a renowned entrepreneur and technology visionary. He’s the leader of SandboxAQ, a company at the forefront of AI and Quantum tech through enterprise SaaS solutions. He's the acclaimed author of "Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach," a leading textbook in its field, and has co-authored AI research papers with MIT collaborators. As a serial entrepreneur, Jack co-founded several tech ventures, notably EarthWeb/Dice, which he led from inception to its IPO, and Vista Research, later acquired by S&P/McGraw-Hill.

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