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EP #70 How AI Will Change the Music Industry Forever w/ will.i.am


In this episode, recorded during this year Peter’s Executive Summit, Abundance360, Peter and Keith Ferrazzi discuss with will.i.am the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on creativity, ownership, and the human experience.


  • 01:33 | will.i.am on AI: Surprising Perspectives
  • 08:21 | Uniting Creativity and Technology
  • 52:41 | Transforming Communities Through Empowerment

Will.i.am is a multi-faceted artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist best known as a founding member of the Grammy-winning group The Black Eyed Peas. Beyond his music career, he's a passionate advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education and has made significant strides in the tech industry with various innovations. His visionary approach seamlessly blends creativity with technology, making him a prominent figure in both the entertainment and tech sectors.

Download will.i.am’s new app for creatives: https://fyi.fyi/index.html


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