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The gift of weightlessness


Can 100,000 people change the way they see the world? Can they see the world with more abundance, curiosity, and gratitude? I want to find out!

I’m giving away two Zero-G seats to folks that help me on this passion project. This is a chance to experience true weightlessness!

Please read the details below to learn how to enter and win. 

Let's create a world of abundance together,



Terms & Conditions


How to Enter

  1. The FIRST free Zero-G seat will go to the person who refers the most subscribers to my MINDset Monday newsletter -- a free tool to help anyone develop their mindsets. Subscribe to Mindset Monday and share your unique referral URL (this will be delivered in your welcome email). If you refer the most subscribers in 30 days, you win.

  2. The SECOND Zero-G seat is through a raffle. To enter, subscribe to MINDset Monday and refer at least 1 person. For every person you refer, you get entered into the raffle (refer 100 people, get 100 entries). And, every person you refer also gets entered into the raffle ;)

  3. BONUS: If you are among the top 10 referrers you will get a signed copy of my book, The Future is Faster Than You Think, and have the option to join me in a Twitter space to talk about mindset, life, and of course… extending your life. Anyone can join but you will join me as speakers for the discussion.


  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a US resident


  • No purchase necessary
  • Raffle will be selected using a 3rd party randomizer
  • Upon winning a Zero-G seat you will be asked to sign an affidavit of eligibility and a publicity release to redeem the prize.
  • Link to Privacy Policy

Winner Details


1) You are the number 1 referrer by Friday, July 22nd, 2022 at 11:59pm

  • You will get an email from my team introducing you to Zero-G (if you do not respond to this email within 72 hours we will move down the list of top referrers)
  • The Zero-G team will give you credit for 1 seat on a flight. You will get to choose from 1 of their locations and must be redeemed within 1 year.
  • We will not cover travel expenses getting to the origin of your Zero-G flight.


2) You are chosen from the Zero-G raffle

  • *Same details as above
  • The raffle winner will be announced by July 23rd, 2022


3) You are in the top 10 referred by Friday, July 22nd, 2022 at 11:59pm

  • You will get an email from my team announcing asking for your mailing address for the signed copy of The Future is Faster Than You Think along with the date and time of the Twitter space with Peter Diamandis.


***Please refer to Zero-G for all flight-related information, safety and FAQ.


Join me

I’m doing all this because I’m committed to strengthening the mindsets of thousands, if not millions of people. I find it especially important during uncertain economic times like these.

If you share my belief and want to create a world of abundance with me, help out by subscribing to and sharing MINDset Monday.