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How long do you WANT to live? (I mean healthy and with vitality, not slobbering in a wheelchair.)

There is a healthspan revolution unfolding this decade. Powered by AI, CRISPR, gene therapies, stem cells, and soon quantum, this revolution (coupled with advanced diagnostics) has the potential to add healthy decades onto your life.  

Keeping yourself educated on these topics must be top of mind.

In 2022, the field of “longevity” attracted >$5 billion in investment and is likely to increase year-on-year for the rest of this decade. 

It shouldn’t be surprising how fast the field is moving since, in success, healthspan-extension would likely be the biggest business on the planet.

After all, “health is the new wealth”!

Every year, I put together an exclusive, highly curated Abundance Platinum Longevity Trip. The trip is a 5-day/5-star deep dive on the latest breakthroughs in the arena of new diagnostics, therapeutics, gene therapies, vaccines, and CRISPR therapeutics related to age-reversal.  

We meet with 50 top scientists, entrepreneurs and CEOs to learn about the latest breakthroughs in early cancer detection, treating and preventing cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases. 

Ultimately, my mission is to transform the way you think about longevity by giving you overwhelming evidence of these health and medical advancements that are accelerating and will add healthy decades to our lives.

Here are 3 reasons why our members join the Platinum Trip year after year

#1. Personalization: If you or a family member has a particular medical condition and you want access to the top scientists and startups to help address it.

#2. Investment Opportunities: You’re an investor looking for early access to breakthrough technologies and startups that are transforming health and longevity.

#3. Mindset & Learning: You’re fascinated by and passionate about longevity, and you want to stay on the cutting edge of the advancements that are adding healthy decades to our lives. Your goal is to enhance your Longevity Mindset. 

So, let me take a moment and share with you what I’ve lined up for my upcoming Platinum Trips this August and September. (I repeat the Trip twice to keep the group size small and accommodate demand.)

August Dates: Aug 16 – 20, 2023 (Only ~12 seats left!) 

September Dates: Sept 27 – Oct 1, 2023 (Waitlist only)

NOTE: We limit these Trips to just 40 people each, and although our September Trip is now SOLD OUT, we still have some spots available for our August Trip.


Here’s a Quick Overview of the Trip!

Boston/Cambridge: MIT, Harvard & 30+ Startups

The 5-day program will start in Boston/Cambridge. We’ll begin with a “Biotech/Longevity 101 Program” delivered by Helen Messier, PhD/MD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of Fountain Life. She’ll get you up to speed on the terminology and overarching subjects. 

During our two days in Boston, you’ll hear from Drs. David Sinclair and George Church and the CEOs of key startups coming out of both of their labs. Throughout the Trip, we’ll meet with 30+ pioneering founders and scientists, covering everything from CRISPR and gene therapies to sleep and stem cells. Here are just a few examples:

  • Harald Ott, MD, CEO of Iviva, a Harvard spin-out building fully implantable, bioartificial organs to address the chronic shortage of transplantable organs.
  • MIT Media Lab Spinout Companies. Dr. Dava Newman, Head of the Media Lab, will host a detailed briefing of the top biomechanical/healthtech companies at the Lab.
  • Michael Levin, PhD, Founder of Morphoceuticals, is leveraging the body’s endogenous bioelectric networks to regrow fully functioning limbs and whole organs. 

New Hampshire: Dean Kamen’s ARMI & DEKA Research

Next, we’ll visit with Dr. Dean Kamen and his Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI). Dean is perhaps the most prolific inventor in the United States (with >1,600 patents). His work at ARMI involves manufacturing entire organs from scratch, grown from your DNA. The process, biofabrication, is the industrial production of biological tissues. 

Dean’s goal with ARMI is to build an industrial infrastructure capable of manufacturing replacement human organs from scratch in the shortest possible time—in a scalable way.

In 2020, he had successfully built their first prototype. It was a 20-foot contraption: at one end of the system, a vial of frozen induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) was added… and three weeks later, the system produced a three-inch segment of freshly grown bone and ligament.

They can now produce a high-quality 7-cm bone-ligament-bone sample in 42 days. 

Next, Dean, in partnership with Doris Taylor, PhD (who you’ll meet) is working to grow pediatric hearts. 

Dean believes that ARMI will be the “birthplace of the next great industrial spurt in the world”: one for manufacturing organs. 

After spending time at the ARMI laboratory, we’ll join Dean for dinner at his most incredible home filled with engineering miracles.


New York: Fountain Life & Longevity Startup Ecosystem

In the morning of Day 4, we’ll take a private flight on Verijet from Boston to New York, stopping first at Fountain Life’s White Plains facility. 

As part of the Platinum Trip, you’ll gain early access to Fountain Life’s advanced diagnostics, health products, and treatments. Fountain Life is the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic company accessible. Using Fountain Life is part of my own personal Longevity Practice to predict and prevent disease.

After Fountain Life, we’ll hear from another dozen companies: the best of the NYC longevity startup ecosystem and these sessions will be based out of the Mandarin Hotel in New York City. We’ll have a session on “Investing in the Longevity/Biotech industry.”

We’ll hear from Dina Radenkovic, MD, CEO of Gameto, which is revolutionizing reproductive health by extending the lifespan of ovaries, as well as several other companies, including: 

  • Nina Tandon, PhD, CEO of EpiBone, whose tech uses a person’s own stem cells to grow personalized bone tissue. It will revolutionize the field of orthopedic surgery.
  • Megan McGill, MD, PhD, CEO of Epitor Therapeutics, an epigenetics company developing tools to regulate gene expression to treat diseases with unmet needs.
  • Hong Weng Chong, MD, CEO & Founder of Cortical Labs, a company that is able to cultivate human neurons on a silicon chip to create a high-bandwidth connection between an organic neural network and the digital world.


Join Me on the Abundance Platinum Longevity Trip

If this sound exciting to you and you would like to learn more, then consider joining me on my 2023 Abundance Platinum Longevity Trip (click here and we’ll schedule a call to tell you more).

As I mentioned above, I’ll be running two VIP Trips. I’ll be on the Trip with you for all 5 days, along with a team of ~8 MDs helping to educate you, maximize your health, and answer any questions you have.  

The September Trip is Waitlist Only.

The August Trip (Aug. 16 - 20, 2023) has ~12 seats available.

Each Trip is a 5-Star/5-Day deep dive into the cutting-edge world of biotech/longevity and age-reversal.

If you want to learn more about the Abundance Platinum Longevity Trip, go here, indicate your interest and we'll set up an interview!

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