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Embrace the Future - Don’t Fear It!

Feb 17, 2023

We are at a *very* unique moment—on the cusp of a revolution that will usher in multiple trillion-dollar companies and industries.

This moment reminds me of a few other periods filled with disruption and opportunity: 

  • The birth of the internet

  • The adoption of smartphones

  • The launch of cloud services

What’s the reason for such dramatic change?

The widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere

The problem with such significant disruption is that most people fear change and therefore they fear the future—instead of being excited by it. They fear what they don’t understand and can’t predict.

But fear is an awful mindset for taking advantage of the opportunities ahead.

The solution to that fear is knowledge and community.

Knowledge of the concrete opportunities most likely to emerge from the increasing adoption and influence of AI.

It will be the difference between leading and thriving in business—and getting disrupted and crushed by a tsunami of change.

As I’ve said before…

“There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade: those that are fully utilizing AI, and those that are out of business.”

At the same time, participating in a Community of Abundance-minded and Exponentially-minded entrepreneurs is what it takes to maintain a positive, future-forward mindset that causes bold, world-changing ideas to flourish.


How would you answer these 3 questions? 

1. Do you know which breakthroughs in AI and other exponential tech from the past 12 months you should be leveraging in your business right now?

2. Given the accelerating rate of change, do you understand the *anticipated breakthroughs* that will most dramatically impact your business and industry in the 6 to 12 months?

3. Are you clear about the Top Metatrends that will shape the next decade–and ultimately the business environment? Here are just a few examples: 

  • Skyrocketing AI-human collaboration across ALL professions

  • The complete disruption of Advertising and other industries by increasingly intelligent AI

  • CRISPR and Gene Therapy cures and breakthroughs

I created the year-round Abundance360 Leadership Program to help a select group of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors answer the above questions.

Whether you’re in Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Tech, Retail, Food, or any other industry… understanding the applications and implications of AI and other exponential tech is CRITICAL to the longevity of your business.

Abundance360 is designed to give you the latest knowledge required to capture emerging opportunities.

I’ve talked about the idea of “future-proofing” your business before, but now more than ever you need to future-proof yourself!

My goal is to get every Abundance360 member excited about the future—to help them harness AI and other exponential tech, solve significant global problems, and create wealth.


“Life is who you go through life with…”

You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. In addition to gaining the right knowledge, curating your community is one of the most important investments you can make as an entrepreneur. For example, if you want to think big and change the world, hang out with people who have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and Moonshots.

The importance of community is one of the key reasons why I turned Abundance360 into a year-round program.

The Abundance360 community is an extraordinary group of 500 entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs running companies ranging in value from $10 million to $10 billion from around the world. 

Maximizing connections and learning opportunities for members means not only having an Annual Summit, but also interactive Implementation Workshops and member-led Masterminds throughout the year. 

Every quarter, we pair you with other Abundance360 members who are the best match for you based on your goals, interests, and needs. 

These are people who could be your next co-founder, business partner, investor, supplier—or someone to simply enjoy a great conversation with!


Every year I personally curate and host my Abundance360 Summit, which I deliver to a select group of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. 

I’ve committed to running Abundance360 for 25 years (until 2038), and next month’s Summit will mark year 11 on this journey. 

Are you interested in what I think is *most important for entrepreneurs and leaders to understand* over the next 12 months? 

Here’s what I’ve spent the last year preparing for the March 2023 Summit:


The first day of the Summit is all about AI. 

We’ll explore “AI Onramps” and how you can use this rapidly advancing technology with three luminaries in the field: 

  • Emad Mostaque (Founder & CEO, Stability.AI) on AI & Open Source: Moonshots & Impact

  • Alexandr Wang (Founder & CEO, Scale AI) will discuss Onramps to AI 

  • Andrew Ng, PhD (Managing General Partner, AI Fund) on Building the Next AI Unicorn

How much more could you accomplish with an AI co-pilot?  

How can you use AI to 10X your business? 

I’ll then discuss the wider implications of AI in our world with Rana el Kaliouby, PhD (CEO, Affectiva) and The Honorable Gilman Louie (CEO, America’s Frontier Fund). 

How does AI intersect with ethics? What does the explosive growth and adoption of AI mean for national security and international relations? 

We’ll end Day 1 with dinner and AI-curated member networking, and an engaging conversation about reversing aging with David Sinclair, renowned Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and one of the "100 most influential people in the world” according to TIME magazine.


We’ll kick off Day 2 with my presentation on Proof We are Living in an Abundant World.


Then we’ll hear from 2 extraordinary Speakers on how we can create more abundance in the world: 

  • Sal Khan (Founder & CEO, Khan Academy) on the Future of Education

  • Jacqueline Novogratz (Founder & CEO, Acumen) on Abundance and the Muscular Practice of Hard-Edged Hope

For even more evidence of abundance all around us, we’ll have focused discussions and Q&A with 3 more amazing Speakers: 

  • Martin Roscheisen, PhD (CEO, Diamond Foundry) on Creating Abundance

  • Geordie Rose, PhD (Co-Founder & CEO, Sanctuary) on Human-like Intelligence in General-Purpose Robots

  • Andrew Yang (Co-Chair, Forward Party) on Technology, Automation & UBI 

From Abundance, we’ll move on to explore the Power of Exponential Tech with two brilliant leaders: Palmer Luckey (Founder, Anduril and creator of the Oculus) and Mike Davies (Director of the Neuromorphic Lab, Intel).

In the evening, I’ll have an exciting Fireside Chat with Jack Hidary (CEO, SandboxAQ) on How AI & Quantum Will Reinvent Everything—Yet Again.


We’ll start the third day of the Summit diving into cutting-edge companies and technologies that are focused on longevity and extending the human healthspan.


Billions of dollars are being invested every year to extend the healthy human lifespan—to make “100 Years Old the New 60.”


Mark Hyman, MD (Functional Medicine Leader, Educator, Advocate) will explore what it means to be Young Forever, and Doris Taylor, PhD (CEO, Organamet Bio) will show us the path to Building You a New Heart.


We’ll then have Breakout Sessions and Q&A with multiple pioneers in Medicine and Healthcare, including: 

  • Naveen Jain (Founder & CEO, Viome) on Hyperpersonalization for Extended Healthspan

  • Michael Hufford, PhD (CEO, LyGenesis & Morphoceuticals) on Regenerating Your Organs & Limbs

  • Mary Lou Jepsen, PhD (Founder & CEO, Openwater) on Curing Cancer, Stroke, Mental & Neurodegenerative Disease via a Wearable

  • James Min, MD (Founder & CEO, Cleerly) on Advanced Cardiac Imaging - Stopping Heart Disease

  • Hans Keirstead, PhD (Founder & Chairman, Immunis Inc.) on Harnessing the Power of Stem Cells to Treat Disease & Aging

  • Tim Nelson, MD, PhD (CEO, Heartworks) on how he and his team Fix Broken Hearts

During the second half of the day, we’ll focus on shaping your Moonshot Mindset and exploring the boundaries of what is possible.  

To do this, we’ll hear from two incredible individuals: 

  • Regina Dugan, PhD (President & CEO, Wellcome Leap and Director of DARPA) on The Business of Breakthroughs 

  • Amber Straughn, PhD (Astrophysicist, James Webb Space Telescope) on Black Holes, Alien Planets & the Beginning of Everything

Finally, we’ll close out Day 3 with an evening Fireside Chat with my dear friend, the one and only Tony Robbins, during which we’ll discuss Mindsets & Moonshots.


But wait, there’s more…


We’ll begin the fourth and final day of the Summit over breakfast and a discussion with my dear friend Ray Kurzweil, the renowned Author, Inventor, and Futurist.


And we’ll close out the Summit with Members sharing their Moonshots from the Main Stage and an afternoon Picnic.


We’re nearly at capacity for next month’s Abundance360 Summit (March 20-23, 2023).

Applications close and we go to Waitlist Only on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

To learn more and apply, visit abundance360.com.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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