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If there’s one truth I’ve lived by, it’s this: Entrepreneurs, armed with purpose-driven, crazy ideas change the world every day.


My Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is “to inspire and guide entrepreneurs (like you) to create a hopeful, compelling, and abundant future.” 


To support that mission, I’ve created a program called “Fund Your Purpose” to give you the tools, resources, and guidance required to create and fund your own purpose-driven startup. 


Over the years I’ve personally raised over $1 billion for my for-profit and non-profit purpose-driven Moonshots—a feat that requires both the right skills and the right mindsets...


…skills and mindsets that you can learn, and I’d like to teach you. 


In the Fund Your Purpose program: 

  • I’ll share detailed stories of HOW I raised money when many told me it was impossible. 
  • I’ll show you LIVE pitches from some of the best founders who have built BILLION-dollar companies from scratch.
  • We’ll jointly develop and shape your Massive Transformative Purpose and Moonshot.
  • We’ll go through the step-by-step process of answering Why Me?, Why This?, Why Now?, develop your pitch deck, and learn key strategies on presenting your venture to anyone, ranging from friends and family to venture funds.
  • I will also show you how to select, meet and close investors to fund your purpose. 

Because the truth is, you can raise money in any market (and I’m going to show you how). 


But first, I want to share a few stories from my own entrepreneurial journey. 


Let’s dive in… 


Dreaming Big & A Story of Bad Timing…


I’ve always dreamed big and have embraced the mindsets that allow me to pursue my deepest passions and purpose. For me, that’s been opening the space frontier, and extending the healthy human lifespan... the pursuit of longevity.


Here are two stories: a story of struggle and a story of success.


Reflecting back on 2010, I found myself at the helm of what many would consider a crazy venture—raising capital to fund an asteroid mining company. 


Yes, you read that correctly: asteroid mining. At that time, it seemed like a brilliant opportunity. We had just passed the laws in the U.S. and Luxembourg to allow for the private ownership of extraterrestrial materials and we had identified numerous asteroids potentially worth tens of trillions of dollars


Fueled by passion and the vision of what could be, we managed to raise over $40 million to bring this dream to life. 


Yet, despite our best efforts and considerable investment, the venture did not succeed. We lost everything we put into it. 

But from this experience, I gleaned a profound lesson: timing is critical to success. Elon had told me that we were too early, and he was most definitely right.


This failure was not the end but a beginning. 


It taught me the importance of perseverance, vision, and timing. And I’m clear that I will someday return to my asteroid mining ambitions when the timing is right.


A Story of Success…


My second passion, perhaps as crazy, involves extending the healthy human lifespan by 20+ years (i.e., “longevity”).


I personally think human longevity is the greatest gift we can offer to humanity, and the world’s biggest business opportunity. After all, why wouldn’t someone pay for an extra 20+ years of health, making “100 years old the new 60”?


So, I dove into this Moonshot on multiple fronts, starting the premier diagnostics and therapeutics company called Fountain Life, co-founding two public biotech firms (CELU and VAXX), launching the multi-hundred-million-dollar venture fund BOLD, and co-authoring the #1 New York Times bestseller Life Force with Tony Robbins.


But the most ambitious part of my plan was the creation of the $101M XPRIZE Healthspan—a global competition aimed at crowdsourcing solutions to reverse the ravages of aging by a minimum of 10 years, but with the goal of 20+ years.


It took me 4+ years of hard work, but I was ultimately successful in raising $141 million to fund this XPRIZE. 


Today, over 250 teams have registered to compete, and I expect we’ll exceed 500 teams before the end of the year. In success, this XPRIZE will drive over $2 billion in R&D towards this crazy Moonshot.


Why I’m Launching Fund Your Purpose


My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to embrace their crazy ideas, to see beyond the immediate hurdles, and to recognize the potential impact their ventures could have. 


Whether it's mining asteroids or extending our healthspan, it's audacious ideas like these that ultimately pave humanity’s future towards abundance.


Fund Your Purpose is more than a call to action. It’s an invitation to join a community of entrepreneurs committed to making a difference, solving big problems, and uplifting humanity.


It's for those who recognize that with the right timing, coupled with a relentless pursuit of their vision, you can indeed change the world.


I truly believe that a purpose-driven entrepreneur is the greatest force for good. 


So, Let’s Find and Fund Your Purpose and transform the world.


I’d love to give you some free video content from my program—specifically, the story I described above on raising $141 million to reverse aging. This is content I've never shared before.

Get free access to “How I Raised $141 Million Dollars to Reverse Aging” here: https://program.fundyourpurpose.com/aging

And if you find the above story and video clip interesting and want to learn more, let’s dive in together to better mold your purpose and fund your future!



I discuss how entrepreneurs are using exponential tech like AI to create a world of abundance on my podcast. Here’s a conversation I recently enjoyed:

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