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How to Uncover Your Passion

Feb 20, 2022

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Getting absolutely clear about your passion is critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

You want a passion that you are willing to shout from the rooftops—that you’ll share with everyone, even strangers at a cocktail party.

Why is identifying your unique passion so important?

Because passion is fundamental to your forward progress.

Today, a passionate and committed person has access to the technology, minds, and capital required to take on any challenge.  

But for passion to fuel you with the necessary energy, it needs to be authentic to you.

In today’s blog, I’ll share a few hacks to help you understand what drives you and uncover clues about your true underlying passions.

Let’s dive in!

NOTE: I believe that a single person, driven by their passion and Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), can change the world. Developing your MTP is a key focus of my year-round Mastermind and Executive Program Abundance360. 


Looking at your childhood can reveal the things that truly connect with your heart—those topics and futures that filled you with joy.

When you were a child, what did you want to be?

What did you want to be before your parents, teachers, or friends told you what you should become? Or before they told you that your dreams were crazy?  

What is it that gave you the most joy?  

What captured your imagination and filled you with energy when you were a child?

For me as a child, it was all about SPACE. My passion for space began in 1969.

I was only 8 years old when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. And I decided then and there that going into space, and bringing humanity with me, was what I wanted to do with my life.

I was in my early twenties, and a graduate student at MIT, when I finally realized that NASA was never going to get me there. Constrained by government spending and frightened by the risk of failure, the space agency had become a jobs program for the military-industrial complex, unlikely to return to the Moon or push onward to Mars.

It was clear to me, if we were going to boldly go, it was going to have to be without the help of the government.

So, I devoted the next 30 years to starting private ventures that I thought would open the space frontier. They ranged from creating the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), the International Space University, Space Adventures Limited, and to founding the XPRIZE Foundation. 

For my twin boys, it’s all about video games: Minecraft and Roblox. 

So, what’s yours?

Make a list of the top 3 aspirations you had as a child:

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

(Note: If you have more than 3, great!)


Let’s try a second thought experiment, one that is forward-looking.

If I were to give you $1 BILLION dollars and ask you to do something to make the world a better place, what would you do with it?  

Would you start a company? Would you invest it in research? Would you give it all away, and if so, to whom?

Understanding the type of impact you want to make is a great way to find your passion. 

Make a list of 3 ways in which you would invest $1 BILLION dollars to make the world a better place:

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

(Again, If you have more than 3, great!)


If you want another hack to uncover your passion, ask yourself the following 2 questions:  

1. What books do you read for pleasure?

2. Which documentaries do you watch when you have extra time?

Your answers are additional ways to highlight what gives you joy. 


The lesson of this blog is: be clear about your passion. Don’t settle for anything else.

Don’t do something for the money, or to make your parents or teachers happy.

Pursue a startup business because it’s your personal passion: your highest aspiration. 

If you do something you are passionate about, you will work harder than ever before and outshine everyone else.

Doing anything big and bold is difficult.

And if you’re not totally in love with what you’re doing, you’ll give up before you succeed.


Would you like to help developing your passion and Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) so that you can transform your business and your life?

Then consider joining my year-round Abundance360 Mastermind and Executive program and participate in our A360 Summit April 20-22, 2022.

My mission is to help A360 members obtain mastery in four specific mindsets: an Abundance Mindset; an Exponential Mindset; a Longevity Mindset; and a Moonshot Mindset. Together we will actively select and reinforce your preferred Mindsets.

To learn more and apply to A360, visit abundance360.com

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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