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The earliest Internet was built by the military, designed to help scientists around the nation gain access to those rare room-sized computers located at MIT, Stanford and a few key institutions.

Use of the early ARPAnet was slow, cumbersome and awkward – that is, until Marc Andreessen created Mosaic, the first widely accessible Internet browser.

When Mosaic launched in 1993, there were only 26 websites.

In 1994, there were 10,000.

By 1998, there were millions.

Mosaic (later Netscape) was a “user interface moment.”

A user interface moment is the instant when a technology goes viral – when a simple interface allows unfamiliar users to build revenue-generating processes on top of a previously convoluted, inaccessible system (e.g. the early Internet).

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Other User Interface Moments

As discussed, Mosaic wasn’t the only important user interface moment in recent history.

Fortran, one of the first programming languages, allowed average users to use complex IBM computers.

The iPhone’s App Store allowed individuals to write programs that can instantly download into the hands of hundreds of millions of users.

Since just 2008, some 300,000 developers have written over 2 million apps that have been downloaded over 140 billion times.

Developers on the Apple App Store generated over $20 billion in revenue in 2016 alone.

As an exponential entrepreneur, it is your job to look at the exponential roadmap ahead and identify user interface moments.

If you’re not building them, learn to recognize them, so you can capitalize on them when the moment presents itself.

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