Podcast Episode 62: Accelerating Innovation

Episode 62: Accelerating Innovation

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Dan and Peter discuss a common theme in theme in Silicon Valley — namely, that most people have no idea how quickly things are changing. The world is accelerating for a multitude of reasons, and the rate of acceleration is itself accelerating. In Peter’s words, this means, “We’re headed towards an amazing adventure in the next few decades.”  



In this episode:

  • Peter and Dan discuss the accelerating technologies and innovation happening in China, and reasons why this is happening now.
  • Dan discusses his book “My Plan for Living to 156” and why an innovation mindset is critical not only for entrepreneurs, but for life extension.
  • Peter discusses a realization he had watching his kids play: experience matters. The way something is packaged, and the process getting to the final payoff, are critical in product design.

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