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Episode 72: When to Kill a Company

Episode 72 CardPeter and Dan examine one of the most challenging decisions faced by serial entrepreneurs: when is the right time to kill a company? Illustrating first hand stories of past company failures, they discuss the most tell-tale signs of dwindling passion and poor long-term prospects. If only plowing ahead out of obligation to investors, you might have reached the optimal time to kill an idea. Whether burning through cash with no profits in sight, or fast losing enthusiasm for a venture’s mission, these revelatory flags can help you pull the plug early and move on to stronger ventures.


In this episode:

  • Peter delves into the story of building Zero Gravity Corporation, his struggles with the FAA, and creative maneuvers for launch after 11 long years.
  • Dan discusses the respective roles of excitement, disappointment, and fluctuating mental resolve in determining your commitment to an idea, and discerning when to let it go.
  • Peter and Dan agree that a critical step in launching any startup involves testing your idea against the marketplace early. In a similar vein, Dan explains why he only talks to “check-writers” when determining the validity of an idea.

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Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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