Podcast Episode 85: Evolution of Work

Episode 85: Evolution of Work

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Peter and Dan discuss Software as a Service (SaaS) and AIaaS, both vital tools for businesses seeking to scale with a leaner organization. Particularly as workforces become distributed and companies race to digitize, cloud computing is now more important than ever before.




In this episode:

  • Dan talks about the historic opportunity to use our current global pause and newfound free time to brainstorm with customers and collaborate on new capabilities.
  • Peter examines the potential of exponential technologies to help track viruses in the future. Offering a number of possible scenarios, he considers the example of genome sequencing tools built into air ports, as well as other mechanisms for the detection and tracking of novel viruses.
  • Dan and Peter discuss how COVID-19 will transform life as we know it, and why humanity is yet to face other existential threats. 

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