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The “Strike Force” is my personal team of next-generation entrepreneurs who work alongside me, developing new company ideas and supporting my existing efforts across a wide ecosystem of companies and initiatives (www.diamandis.com).

Last week Entrepreneur Magazine featured the Strike Force in a 6-page spread called Silicon Valley’s most unusual apprenticeship." I’m very proud of my team and the program. 

Check it out here.

What Is The Strike Force Fellowship?

The highly selective Strike Force Fellowship is a group of 25 university students (juniors, seniors, and enrolled graduate students) who desire to learn directly from me over the course of the Fall 2018 semester.  We’ll spend time understanding such things as:

  1. What it takes to impact the lives of a billion people;
  2. What it takes to tackle the world’s grand challenges;
  3. How to start a company, raise money and refine your MTP/Moonshot;
  4. What it takes to be an exponential entrepreneur.

From among these 25 Strike Force Fellows, my team and I will select two Strike Force Interns who will work with me, travel with me and support me for 3-months as members of my Strike Force Team during the summer of 2019.

If you are the best -- if you are driven -- if you want to make a difference on and off Earth -- and you’re passionate about the things that I stand for (understanding and monitoring exponential technologies, breakthroughs in human longevity, opening the space frontier, solving the world’s grand challenges)... I invite you to apply.

Apply for the Strike Force Fellowship HERE.

Do you know an ambitious, brilliant student-entrepreneur who’s captivated by exponential technologies? Please share this extraordinary opportunity and help me empower this next generation of exponential entrepreneurs.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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