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Do you have any idea what is really going on inside your body? Are you sure you don’t have a growing cancer, aneurysm, cardiovascular, or metabolic disease?

Most of us have NO IDEA, unless you look.

Some people respond saying, “I don’t want to know!”

... to which I reply, “You are going to know eventually... do you want to know now when you can do something about it, or when it’s too late?”

This is why I co-founded (and now chair) Fountain Life: a global platform that provides advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics to promote a longer, healthier, and more vital life. I co-founded the company with Tony Robbins and William Kapp, MD (CEO) four years ago and am super proud of the company’s growth.

In today’s blog, I’ll discuss how our bodies hide disease from us, as well as the Fountain Life platform—and how I use it to increase my longevity and avoid dying from something stupid.

Let’s dive in…


Your Body is Masterful at Hiding Disease 

Most of us are optimists, thinking we’re fine and everything is in great working order.

But as it turns out, your body can be masterful at hiding the early and middle stages of disease. What do I mean?

Consider this:

  • 70% of all heart attacks have no precedent. No pain, no shortness of breath, and, in many instances, nothing on a typical coronary CT.

  • 70% of all cancers that are fatal turn out to be the result of cancers that are not routinely tested for by today’s medical system (e.g., pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma).

  • Someone with Parkinson’s doesn’t develop tremors until nearly 70% of the substantia nigra neurons are gone.

  • Most individuals have no symptoms from a growing cancer until it has reached stage-3 or stage-4, by which time the chances of a full remission are vastly reduced.

It’s insane that most people know more about the inner health of their car or refrigerator than they do about their bodies. 

The good news is that you can know with great confidence if you have a cancer, an aneurysm, cardiovascular or metabolic disease, and you can catch it at the earliest stages when it is easiest and safest to do something about it.

Today, advanced diagnostics can evaluate your health on a regular basis, with the goal of finding disease at the earliest stage possible—I call this “Not dying from something stupid.”


My Annual Fountain Life Upload

Every year, I go through a Fountain Life “Upload” as part of their APEX Membership program.

The APEX diagnostic program gathers more than 150GB of data about you to determine whether you currently have, or are at risk for developing, any of the leading causes of a shortened health and lifespan, specifically cardiovascular disease, cancer, aneurysms, metabolic disease, and neurocognitive dysfunction.

Should any dysfunction be discovered, your membership includes a year-round Health Team to support you including:

  • A Functional Medicine-trained Longevity Physician

  • A Nurse Practitioner

  • A Dietician

  • A Health Coach/Coordinator

Fountain has built its medical team and AI systems on top of a branch of healthcare called “Functional Medicine”—a systems-based (root-cause) practice of medicine, focused on uncovering and solving the molecular drivers of disease.

The APEX Membership is designed for individuals who desire access to the most advanced comprehensive diagnostic testing and longevity therapeutics delivered by a Functional Medicine-trained team. (BTW, we will have four of the Fountain MDs join us as faculty at the upcoming fall Platinum Longevity Trips).


What’s Included in the Fountain Life Upload?

Here’s a summary of all the diagnostic testing done at Fountain Life during your annual Upload. All data is organized and evaluated by the company’s AI systems and your Functional Medicine-trained longevity physician.


  • Full Body & Brain MRI with AI Overlay

  • CCTA with AI Overlay

  • DEXA Whole Body Scan

  • Skin Cancer Screening

  • Retinal Scan


  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Polygenic Risk Scores

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Test (SNP)

  • Epigenetic “Age-Clock” Testing

Blood Biomarkers, Cell-Free DNA & Toxins:

  • 100 Blood Biomarker Tests

  • Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test

  • Toxins Testing

  • Microbiome Sequencing

  • Oral Pathogen Test

  • Functional Movement Testing

  • Strength Test

  • Sleep Apnea Test

Metabolic, Mitochondrial & Neurocognitive Testing

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

  • Nutritional Test

  • Mitochondrial Function Test

  • Neurocognitive Test


So, Why Should You Look for Disease?  

As I mentioned, our bodies are amazing at compensating for and hiding the early stages of almost all diseases.

We’re all optimists about our health… until we’re rushed to the hospital.

But the numbers tell us the story.  

Out of 100 seemingly healthy adults who go through a Fountain Life screening:

  • 0% have a cancer they didn’t know about

  • 5% have an aneurysm

  • 4% of seemingly healthy members have a serious life-threatening finding they need to address

So, when do you want to find out about any disease you might have?  

Given the advances in medicine, there is a lot that can be done about cancer, heart disease, neurocognitive, and metabolic diseases when they’re detected early.  

Please look early when you have the greatest chance of taking successful action!

That’s why I call going through my annual Fountain Upload: “Not dying from something stupid.”

(Also in the category of not dying from something stupid are: wearing your seat belt, not texting while driving, and wearing a helmet when you ski and bike.)


Why This Matters

In his groundbreaking book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, my dear friend Ray Kurzweil outlines three "bridges" to achieve longevity: near-term life-extending solutions, advanced medical interventions, and nanotechnology. 


Your job is to stay healthy and free of accidents long enough to intercept many of the bridge-two therapies expected later this decade.


The goal of Fountain Life is to help you cross “bridge one.”


As part of my upcoming Longevity Platinum Trip (September or October 2024), members will gain early access to Fountain Life’s advanced diagnostics, health products, and treatments—all included as part of the Trip. If you’re interested in joining me, you can apply here.


Want to learn about how to increase your healthspan? And identify the top longevity-related investment opportunities available?

If yes, then consider joining me on my 2024 Platinum Longevity Trip.

I'm running two VIP trips I call my “Platinum Longevity Trip” covering top scientists, startups, labs, and CEOs in San Francisco and San Diego. I do the same trip twice for up to 40 participants: Sept. 11 - 15, 2024 or Oct. 9 - 13, 2024.

Each trip is a 5-Star/5-Day deep dive into the cutting-edge world of biotech/longevity and age-reversal.

We’ll cover everything from Advanced Regenerative Medicine (AI Drug Discovery, CRISPR, Gene Therapies, etc.) and Disease Management Breakthroughs (Cancer, Genetic Diseases, Diabetes, etc.) to the latest research on the Longevity Basics including how to improve sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements, among others.

You’ll meet with 35 of the most extraordinary scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders shaping the longevity revolution. Here are just a few of them: 

  • Hal Barron, MD: CEO, Altos Labs (Backed by Yuri Milner & Jeff Bezos)

  • Joe Betts-LaCroix: CEO, Retro Biosciences (Backed by Sam Altman)

  • Dr. Catriona "Cat" Jamieson, MD, PhD: UCSD (Cancer Stem Cells research) 

  • Blake Byers, PhD: Co-Founder & CEO, NewLimit (Backed by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong + Blake Byers)

  • Eric Verdin, MD: CEO, Buck Institute (World’s leading Longevity Institute)

  • Stefanie Strathdee, PhD: UCSD (Global authority on Phage research)

  • Helen Messier, PhD/MD: Chief Medical Officer, Fountain Life

  • And many more!

Both trips are identical (capped at 40 participants per trip), during which I spend all 5 days with you as your private guide and provocateur. Through this personalized, action-packed program, my mission is to give you exclusive, first-hand exposure to the major players, scientists, companies, and treatments in the longevity and vitality arena.

Here's what you get

  • All your questions about longevity answered

  • Early investment opportunities to extraordinary biotech startups

  • First-hand insights into the latest longevity breakthroughs and research

  • Early access to advanced diagnostics, state-of-the art therapeutics

  • Exclusive wellness experiences including HIIT/equipment workouts, wearable devices, meditation & breathwork

If you want to learn more about the Platinum Longevity Trip, go here, indicate your interest and we’ll set up an interview!



70% of all cancers that are fatal turn out to be the result of cancers that are not routinely tested for by today’s medical system. Today, advanced diagnostics are able to evaluate your health on a regular basis, with the goal of finding disease at the earliest stage possible. Every year, I go through a Fountain Life “upload” as part of their APEX Membership program, and I urge you to do the same. Get started with Fountain Life and become the CEO of your health:

Get Started With Fountain Life

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