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Why an Abundance Mindset?

Oct 25, 2020

Why an Abundance Mindset

Do you have an abundance mindset? What the heck is an abundance mindset? And what’s the advantage of having an abundance mindset?

That’s our conversation today…

In the middle of a pandemic, it’s hard to think about abundance… especially when people are losing their jobs or wondering if and when they will get access to a vaccine.

Nonetheless, the world is heading rapidly towards abundance, and understanding this could transform your life and your business.

Exponential tech like computation, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, Virtual Reality are rapidly dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing products and services. What used to only be available to the richest and most elite, is now available to almost anyone on the planet. A child in the middle of Zimbabwe can Google any information or video conference for free with someone on the other side of the world.

Many things we paid millions of dollars for just two decades ago are now available for free on your smartphone.

The challenge is that our minds evolved during a world of absolute scarcity, and most people are trapped in an unhealthy “Scarcity Mindset”.

In a world of scarcity, there is a limited pie. If your neighbor gets a slice, that means you get a smaller slice. It’s a world of limited resources and fierce competition.

With an Abundance Mindset, rather than slicing the pie into thinner and thinner pieces, we just bake more pies… millions of more pies. This is the future that exponential tech enables. And this is true across almost every sector whether or not people see it or recognize it yet.

Creating a world of abundance isn’t about creating a world of luxury, it’s about creating a world of possibility.

In next week’s blog, I’ll focus on what I call “Proof of Abundance” and show you the data…  how we are driving abundance in almost every sector relevant to humans. It can be hard to believe given our innate scarcity-focused neural wiring, but the data doesn’t lie.

I believe that an Abundance Mindset is 1 of the 6 critical Mindsets for a leader and an entrepreneur to actively develop and firmly command.

Exploring and coaching leaders and entrepreneurs on these Mindsets is a key area of focus during my Abundance 360 Mastermind that I hold every January.

So, what are the benefits of an Abundance Mindset? And how do you develop one?

Here is a summary on WHY you should desire and develop an abundance mindset:

With an Abundance Mindset…

  1. You understand that the world is becoming more abundant, and this allows you to maintain a hopeful and compelling vision for the future. (Note: supporting data and evidence will be presented in next Sunday’s blog.) This positive mindset sets you apart from others, and attracts the best team to your mission.

  2. You don’t resent missed opportunities because you understand that you are living in a world of ever-increasing opportunities. The future holds many more exciting, fulfilling and profitable opportunities for you to pursue.

  3. You don’t fear the future. Instead, you embrace it and are excited to learn all you can to create the future you and your business desire.

  4. You view competitors as potential collaborators in a world of ever-increasing business opportunities. Why worry unnecessarily about your competitors when you can create another, larger pie? You focus your time, attention and resources on pursuing Moonshots that are 10x (1000%), versus fighting in the trenches for 10% improvements.

  5. You are reinventing your business through a digital lens -- constantly dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing your products and services, making them available to a larger and larger customer base at a lower and lower cost.

  6. As a leader, you convey a hopeful and compelling future that inspires and guides your employees and customers. People inherently want good news: *data-driven optimism* rather than continuous dribble of negative, crisis-oriented, amygdala-energizing banter.

How would your life change if you had an Abundance Mindset? 

What would crafting and mastering an Abundance Mindset mean for your business?

More next week when I show you what some see as shocking, Proof of Abundance… what I call a refreshing breath of *data-driven optimism.*

Join Me at Abundance 360

If an Abundance Mindset is important to you... If understanding how to use exponential technologies to create a world of abundance is something you desire, then consider joining my Abundance 360 Mastermind

Every year, my team and I select a group of 360 entrepreneurs and CEOs to coach over the course of a year-long program. A360 starts each January with a live event and continues every two months with Implementation Workshops, in which I personally coach members in small groups over Zoom. (In 2021, you have a choice of live “in-person” or “virtual” participation. See the A360 website for more info.)

My mission is to help A360 members identify their massively transformative purpose, select their moonshot, and hone an Abundance, Exponential, and Longevity Mindset. Together we will actively select and reinforce your preferred mindsets.

To learn more and apply, visit abundance360.com.

Know someone who would benefit from getting Abundance Insider? Send them to this link to sign up.

P.S. I've just released a podcast with my dear friend Dan Sullivan called Exponential Wisdom. Our conversations focus on the exponential technologies creating abundance, the human-technology collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Head here to listen and subscribe.

Head here for the full archive of my latest tech insights.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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