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Are you keeping up with all the AI breakthroughs?  

The acceleration is breathtaking, making this perhaps the most challenging time in human technological history.

It’s hard to believe that ChatGPT is just over 1 year old, and GPT-5 is around the corner.

Have you prioritized AI as the most important tech in your life yet?

Are you clear about AI’s impact on your family, your business and your industry?

For me, I study this stuff 24/7 and it is STILL extraordinarily difficult.

The problem with such significant disruption is that most people fear change and therefore they fear the future—instead of being excited by it.

Most fear what they don’t understand and can’t predict.

But fear is an AWFUL mindset from which to leverage future opportunities.

The solution to that fear is two-fold - knowledge and community:

Knowledge of the road ahead, and the concrete opportunities emerging in the next few years from AI. And access to the best tools, along with the knowledge and skills to use those tools.

Community is even more important. Finding and integrating with an Abundance-minded and Moonshot-minded community of entrepreneurs can help you to maintain a positive, future-forward mindset—the kind of mindset required to facilitate bold, world-changing ideas.

I’ve talked about the idea of “future-proofing” your business before, but now more than ever you also need to future-proof your mindset.

My mission is: “To catalyze optimism, to explain and reframe what is coming and how to understand it.”

That optimism creates clarity, which is the foundation of all aspirational goal setting.

As one Abundance Summit participant recently commented, “Peter, I join you in person every March to get my annual booster shot of unquenchable optimism for the coming year." 


Your Community During this Era of Exponential Change

“Life is who you go through life with…”

In addition to gaining the right knowledge, curating your community is one of the most important investments you can make as an entrepreneur. For example, if you want to think big and change the world, hang out with people who have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and Moonshots.

The importance of community is one of the key reasons why I turned Abundance360 into a year-round program.

The Abundance360 community is an extraordinary group of 500 entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs from around the world running companies ranging in value from $10 million to $10 billion.

It’s a community where you will find those who share your passion for Moonshots, for going big, creating wealth, and impacting the world. 

These are people who could be your next co-founder, business partner, investor, supplier—or someone to simply enjoy a great conversation with.

In addition to the annual Summit every March, I personally host quarterly interactive Implementation Workshops and curate quarterly member-led Masterminds.


Our 2024 Abundance Summit Lineup

My annual Abundance Summit is not for everyone.

It’s for those individuals who really want to use exponential tech to uplift humanity and make a difference on this planet.

I have personally committed to running this program for 25 years (through 2038). This March (2024) is year 12 on this journey.

This year I’ve dedicated half of the program to discussing and understanding AI, its risks and rewards.

Here’s the lineup for the 2024 Summit:


Day 1 & Day 2: "The Great AI Debate"

I’m calling the first two days of the Summit “The Great AI Debate.”

Is AI friend or foe? Is AI the road to abundance? Or the end of humanity?

My goal during these first two days is to bring together the world's top leaders to have them predict what to expect over the next 12 to 24 months; and to debate the question, “Should we go faster or, should we slow down?” 

And help you answer the question: “Are you an accelerationist (go fast!) or a doomer (slow down!)?”

Here are a few of the luminaries that will be participating in our conversations about AI:

  • Geoffrey Hinton, Godfather of Artificial Intelligence

  • Ray Kurzweil, Futurist at Google

  • Mo Gawdat, Bestselling Author; Co-Founder, Unstressable; Former CBO, Google X

  • Eric Schmidt, former Exec. Chairman, Alphabet

Do you believe AI will give us all god-like powers in the next 5 years, or overthrow humanity?

Whatever side of this debate you fall on, there is no question that we all need to invest the time to fully understand AI, how to use it, and how to guide it.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, or investor, NOW is the time to fully engage.

As I’ve said before… “There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade: those that are fully utilizing AI, and those that are out of business.”

So, how are you going to use AI?  And more importantly, where is it going over the next three to five years?

Looking forward, we’ll hear from the next generation AI entrepreneurs including:

  • Ramin Hasani and Alexander Amini, Co-Founders of MIT’s Liquid.AI

  • Guillaume Verdon, Founder & CEO, Extropic; Formerly Quantum AI, Google

  • Emad Mostaque, Founder & CEO, Stability AI


Day 2 Continued: Exponentials & Moonshots

The afternoon of Day 2 is dedicated to hearing from entrepreneurs using exponential technologies to reinvent industries, taking Moonshots considered crazy just a few years ago. Here’s the lineup:

  • Michael Saylor, Exec. Chair, MicroStrategies on BitCoin & Lightening Rewards

  • Ramez Naam, Managing Partner, Planetary Venture Capital on Nuclear Fusion & Energy

  • Jason Ballard, Founder & CEO, ICON on 3D-Printed Homes

  • Cyrus Sigari, Founder & Managing Partner, UP Partners on Drones & eVTOLs

  • Adam Goldstein, Founder & CEO and Nikhil Goel, Chief Commercial Officer, Archer on Archer Aviation’s Midnight eVTOL

  • Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder & CEO, Eat Just, Inc. on Cultivated Meats

We’ll continue with a group of incredible “Exponential Entrepreneurs” pursuing their Moonshots and exploring the boundaries of what’s possible:

  • Kiko Dontchev, VP, SpaceX on Private Spaceflight

  • Anousheh Ansari, CEO, XPRIZE on Solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges

  • Dean Kamen, Executive Director & Chairman of the Board, ARMI; Founder, FIRST on Advanced Organ Manufacturing

Then we’ll explore “Zero to your first billion,” hearing from three amazing Exponential Entrepreneurs about their journeys to build world-changing companies:

  • Austin Russell, Founder & CEO, Luminar

  • Marc Lore, Founder & CEO, Wonder; Founder, Jet.com

  • Daniella Pierson, Founder & CEO, Newsette Media Group


Day 3: Longevity

On Day 3 of the Summit we’ll dive into the extraordinary world of scientists and companies focused on longevity and extending the human healthspan.

You’ll learn from pioneers in Healthcare and Medicine, focused on making “100 Years Old the New 60”:

  • Daniel Kraft, MD, Founder, NextMed Health on The Exponential Medicine Revolution

  • Andrew Hessel, Chairman, Genome Project-Write on Rewriting Your Genome

  • Michael Levin, PhD, Tufts University and Jess Mah, Astonishing Labs on Regrowing Limbs & Organs

  • Sumner Norman, PhD, Forest Neurotech/CalTech and Jordan Amadio, MD, Neurosurgeon/Neuralink on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

  • Nina Tandon, PhD, CEO, EpiBone on Regrowing Your Joints

  • Mehmood Khan, MD, CEO Hevolution Foundation on Funding the Healthspan Revolution


Will You Join Me at the Summit in March?

Abundance is a 25-year journey through 2038. Every year, 80% of the membership renews, and we bring in 20% new members into the community. Is that you?

We’re nearly at capacity for the upcoming Abundance Summit (March 17 – 21, 2024) and will close registration in just a couple weeks.

If you’re interested in finding a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, building your Massive Transformative Purpose and your Moonshot, and you desire to help uplift humanity in the process… then join me.

To learn more and apply, visit abundance360.com.

“The Abundance Summit serves entrepreneurs & leaders in building their MTPs & Moonshots to go big, create wealth and positively impact the lives of 1 Billion+.”


I discuss how exponential technologies like AI will create a world of abundance on my podcast. Here’s a conversation I recently enjoyed:

A Statement From Peter:

My goal with this newsletter is to inspire leaders to play BIG. If that’s you, thank you for being here. If you know someone who can use this, please share it. Together, we can uplift humanity.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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