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Announcing my boldest mission yet

Sep 18, 2014

boldest mission yet

I’m writing to tell you about the boldest XPRIZE I’ve ever launched.

…and I want you involved.

There are nearly one billion illiterate people on Earth.

Two-thirds of them are women.

250 million of them are children.

These are kids who can’t read, write or do basic math.

And there is a HUGE cost to society here: 250 million minds are going to waste.

We know from hard research that educated populations have lower growth rates, are more peaceful and add to the global economy.

The best way to create a more peaceful and prosperous world is to educate these kids.

But how?

To meet the demand of 250 million illiterate children would require training over 1.6 million new teachers by 2015.

There is NO WAY to teach enough teachers and build enough schools.

The old way just doesn’t scale.

It’s time to stop thinking linearly…

So here’s a solution. It’s the MOST important XPRIZE we may ever launch.

It’s called the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE.

We are challenging hundreds (perhaps thousands) of teams around the world to build a piece of software that can take a child from illiteracy to reading, writing and numeracy in just 18 months.

Imagine such software preloaded onto every phone and every tablet.

Imagine software that incorporates Artificial Intelligence as the facilitator – providing on-demand, personalized knowledge and learning when and where it is needed.

This isn’t designed to replace teachers. It’s to create an educational solution where little or none exists.

If there was one tool to create a more peaceful and vibrant world, one tool to empower humanity, this would be it.

I want to URGE you to check out this XPRIZE and get involved.

Do you have kids? Nieces, nephews, younger siblings?

Would you like access to the most powerful learning software ever created for your local elementary school?

If you do, then get involved and get access. Please check it out here.

This may be the most important and bold issue I’ve ever attempted to tackle.

Join XPRIZE in this mission. Let’s Change the World!

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