Direct Air Capture & the Carbon Revolution

Imagine making fuel, plastics, and concrete out of “thin air." That’s the promise of Direct Air Capture (DAC), a technology that fundamentally disrupts our contemporary oil economy.

Abundance Insider: June 7th 2019

In this week's Abundance Insider: Fake news AIs, the world’s first 1 GW energy storage project, and an ocean mapping breakthrough. Cheers, Peter, Marissa, Kelley, Greg, Bri, Jarom, Joseph, Derek, Jason, Claire, Max, Nora, Hawken and Aaron P.S. Send any tips to our team by clicking here, and send your friends and family to this link to subscribe to Abundance Insider. P.P.S. Want to learn more[…]

Private Lunar Lander – Reflections on SpaceIL Mission

In September 2007, I was joined on stage by Larry Page, Buzz Aldrin, and the deputy administrator of NASA to announce a $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE. The challenge we set was for a private team to build and launch a vehicle that could fly and land on the Moon, send back photos and videos, rove half a kilometer, and send back more photos and videos. Here is a throwback video to the[…]

GOOD LUCK! Private Lunar Lander -- SpaceIL XPRIZE Team

Today is a great day for innovators, entrepreneurs and dreamers. Today, April 11th, the Israeli SpaceIL spacecraft calledBeresheet (which means ‘Genesis’) will attempt to land on the Moon’s surface in the Sea of Serenity around 9:45pm(Israel Time)… 11:45am PT / 2:45pm ET. Only the U.S., Soviet Union and China have ever accomplished this feat.  SpaceIL will be the first private lander ever! […]

Education at All Ages

Today, over 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone with access to the world’s information and near-limitless learning resources.

Moonshots, Grit & Virgin Galactic’s Spaceflight

Moonshots are hard.

Live Webinar with Peter Diamandis & XPRIZE - Disaster Prediction

Today, we all have unprecedented power to make a positive impact on the planet.

My Top 3 Tips for Designing an XPRIZE

Let me start with a big congratulations to those of you who have already thrown your hats into the ring for the XPRIZE Visioneering 2018 Design Challenge.

Design an XPRIZE

This year, for the first time, I’m asking my community to help me design the next XPRIZE Competitions. Help solve Grand Challenges, and at the same time you might win $100,000.

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