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Health Insurance pays you after you’re sick… Life Insurance pays your next-of-kin after you’re dead… and Fire Insurance pays you after your house has burned down. 

How cool would it be if insurance could instead prevent these things from happening?

Imagine reinventing the insurance business model from reactive to proactive? (A topic I wrote about extensively in my book The Future Is Faster Than You Think.) 

The current health insurance model is really sick insurance, right? Paying you after you're sick. 

This blog is about the complete “reinvention” (a disruption) of health insurance through an exponential company called Fountain Health Insurance.

Fountain Health Insurance offers all of your employees a suite of annual advanced diagnostics (Brain MRI, AI enabled coronary CT, Grail blood biopsy cancer testing and more) at *no additional cost* for the explicit purpose of finding disease as early as possible, when it’s cheap, easy and least disruptive to treat. (Proactive vs. Reactive)

Full disclosure: I’m a founder/shareholder of Fountain Health, a company my colleagues (Tony Robbins; Bill Kapp, MD; Rob Rossiter) and I started last year in partnership with Fountain Life.

Below I’ll share the details of how Fountain Health works, and which business owners can access it.

Let’s dive in!


Fountain Health is a revolutionary platform that can greatly reduce the health insurance costs for your company and employees by detecting disease early and then treating it immediately.

The goal is to find disease at the very beginning stage—when it is most effectively treated and cured.

While Fountain Life offers its annual APEX membership to anyone (which includes a full annual digital upload and concierge physician services), the price of the membership is cost prohibitive to many ($19,500 per year), and there is a sizeable waiting list to join (currently over 25,000 people). 

As a result, and to help democratize access to preventative and predictive healthcare, we created a product offering called Fountain Health Insurance

Fountain Health is priced at the same level as your typical corporate premiums. The company makes its money by preventing the huge future payouts that occur when disease is discovered too late.

Who can access Fountain Health?:

  • Typically any company with 50 or more employees.

  • United States-based companies (eventually outside the U.S. as well).

What is covered by Fountain Health?

1. All the typical sick care, surgeries and emergency situations that your employees may face.

2. Annual Fountain Health upload / advanced screening measures and the latest biotech tools including:

  1. Brain MRI powered by AI that detects early-stage cancer, brain aneurysms, Alzheimer’s risk and many other conditions that will rarely be detected by the traditional physical exam.

  2. Cleerly Coronary CT angiography powered by AI that finds heart plaque before it ever causes a heart attack and identifies treatments to reverse your risk of heart attack.

  3. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) tracks your blood glucose levels throughout the day using a small sensor on your arm. It gives you valuable information and a better understanding on the effect of food, exercise, sleep have on your blood sugar levels. This is critical information not only for people that are diabetic or pre-diabetic, but for everyone in gaining information on the link between diet and long term health.

  4. Advanced blood testing measures your organ function, bone marrow status, hormone levels, and inflammatory status.

  5. A DEXA scan calculates your bone density, body composition, and muscle mass.

  6. A Galleri blood test from GRAIL, a first-of-its-kind detection blood test that can detect up to 50 different types of cancer at stage 0 or 1 by analyzing DNA in your blood plasma.


Want to give your employees access to the latest screening and diagnostics technologies for the same cost as your traditional health insurance plan?

If you’re an Executive or the CEO of a company with 50 or more employees, and you’d like to investigate providing Fountain Health Insurance to your employees, it’s now available to you.

Fountain Health is growing fast.

To maintain the highest quality service, we are limiting the number of covered lives we’re adding to the platform. Between now and the end of 2022, we’ll bring 100 additional companies onto the platform.

If you’d like to be one of these companies, please visit this link to register your interest.

A member of the Fountain Health team will reach out to you to discuss whether your company is right for the platform.

Peter H. Diamandis

Written by Peter H. Diamandis


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